Can “America” be saved?

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once observed that “You can only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again.” An old song once told us that freedom was just another word for nothing left to lose. So how close are we to nothing left to lose at the present time?


A few problems that we face just now:

1) We have a crushing debt burden of unprecedented proportions that will have to be acknowledged and dealt with.

2) We have a government-military-industrial-security-intelligence-bureaucratic complex that feeds on war and uses fear to get its meal. It is central to many of our woes and it will be difficult to erase. The alliance will not go gently into the night.

3) We have a militarized, out-of-control, police state that is increasingly murderous and brutal.

4) The continual wars both foreign and domestic (e.g. the “war” on drugs) has made the country insane.

5) We have become a fascist economy (or use “corporatist” if you prefer) and the elite have shipped the industrial jobs overseas which has crushed the “middle class”.

6) The country is hated around the globe by the majority of the humans on the planet. It is generally a bad idea to make enemies of everyone.

7) We face the specter of massive inflation. This is a civilization killer; see numerous historical examples.

So, what to do about all of this? Are we to wait for some leader to be elected president who will recognize our problems and fix them all? We have been trying to elect good presidents for over two centuries now and it has not worked out well at all. Perhaps we should stop doing the same thing over and over expecting different results each time.

The most difficult task that faces us is to overcome the state’s massive propaganda operation and get the masses to simply understand the deep hole we find ourselves in. I understand that moving from the present police state to anarchy is probably not going to happen in my lifetime, but moving toward a Classical Liberal state might be doable.

If we could find a way to convince the masses that the very small and non-interventionist state is in our best interests, what must be done to start the nation towards a more tolerable situation? What could be done to get from “here” to “there”?

What can be done? I have proposed the following:

1) We have to withdraw the military from the world and cut its size by at least 95%. Perhaps we could sell aircraft carriers to the Chinese.

2) The CIA (and other spook agencies) would have to go. We can not afford them starting more wars and destabilizing entire regions based on their internal logic. The CIA looks like some agency designed by Joe Stalin.

3) We cut the budget drastically. The cut of the military portion goes a long, long way but is not enough. If we honor the SS commitment to our elderly population we will need to cut out any other areas that we can live without.

4) We may have to repudiate the national debt. That is federal, state, and local debt.

5) We repeal almost all federal laws and regulations. Let the 50 states regulate as they will: and we honor the 10th amendment in the bill of rights. The power to regulate is what draws the businessman into the political realm seeking to control the government. We can not back away from a fascist economy until the government gets out of the business area. Many will scream at this because they are so unread in real economics — but honestly folks, could it get any worse than it is now? Could it?

6) We hold a constitutional convention. If we are to be a nation governed “by the people” then it is time to let “the people” have a chance to set the rules. 230+ years of “interpretation” by nine people in black ropes has destroyed the constitution. To hell with “original intent”; let us re-write the damn thing in modern English and have youtubes of delegates telling us what they mean by the words they use in the document.

7) We seriously consider if mob-rule is the best way to govern. Does no one look at the “tyranny of the majority” in college anymore?

Will any of this happening? I once would have said absolutely not. I would have said that we are slouching towards Gomorrah and are already on the outskirts of the city. After Ron Paul’s two runs for president and his enlisting of millions of young people to the cause of liberty I am now more optimistic about our future. How much more optimistic? Well, a bit more anyway. Even so, if I had to predict our future I would place my bet on the police state getting worse until it utterly collapses leaving a “failed state” situation for the people to clean up behind.


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