Iran and nuclear power

A lot of Americans need a physics lesson on nuclear power and centrifuges because the U.S. empire and the mainstream media present the most insidiously deceptive propaganda on the issue every time Iran is mentioned. I find that even many ordinary people claim what many Americans have been told to believe; they say that Iran must be working on a nuclear bomb because they would not need all those second generation gas centrifuge devices otherwise.

Natural uranium comes with only about 0.72 % U-235 with the rest of it consisting of U-238. Oh what a difference between the two isotopes. You need U-235 to be about 3-4 % to be able to generate electrical power in a conventional nuclear power generating plant. We have several nuclear power plants here in Florida that use fuel rods that have been “enriched” via gaseous centrifuge to the proper percentage so that we can generate electricity and cool the air in our homes. (sometimes it gets to be 95 F degrees every day here in August)

Why would Iran want nuclear power? For the same fracking reason we in the U.S.A. want the stuff. Only a total fool would think that the Persians don’t deserve to generate electricity via nuclear power while everyone else in the west does. Even more amazing is that leftists who don’t want the Iranians to burn oil to make electricity due to their CO2 fantasy also do not want the Iranians to use uranium to generate electricity. I suppose our progressive friends want them to return to living as they did before the industrial revolution. (but then progressives would like to see a lot of us freeze and starve without cheap power)

The Iranians are an industrial society just as we are, and that means they use and need large amounts of cheap power. How hard is that to understand?

What is often conflated and confused on this issue is that centrifuges can be used to enrich the uranium to the 90 – 95 % needed to make nuclear bomb. There is one hell of a difference between 4 % and 90 %.


Since Israel cheated and used their domestic power plant program as a cover to build nuclear weapons, they accuse Iran of doing what they themselves did. No proof has ever been offered of the Iranians doing this, only bluster by the regional nuclear super power who lies about most of its regional neighbors on a continuing basis.

Iran has signed the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty on nuclear power but Israel has not. Why then do we not threaten military attack on the one country with many nuclear bombs rather than the peaceful country without any nuclear bombs?

By the way, Iran’s Rouhani: Israel should sign non-nuclear treaty.

It is time to acknowledge that the Iranians, who have not launched and aggressive war in centuries, are not the problem in the middle east — the U.S. and Israel are the problem.


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