Withdraw your consent to be governed

The “voluntaryists” are forever telling you to withdraw your consent to be governed and so are many other flavors of anarchist to boot. But what the heck does that mean exactly? Can I do it from my sofa or do I need to get beat up by a cop in the street? Withdrawing your consent to be governed by the state means more than some one time act or marching in a protest march.

To withdraw your consent from the state is to divorce yourself from the state as much as you can; having no loyalty to the state and having nothing to do with the state except when you can not avoid it due to the state’s power and aggression against you. You must see the state as fundamentally unfair and immoral: “a gang of criminals writ large”. You must seek to dissociate yourself from any of the rituals, myths, and symbols of the state as you have no respect or loyalty to the entity that is so hostile to peace, prosperity and your family. Abandon all forms of patriotic worship of the state with its adoration of the state’s flag, its pledge to the flag,  its parades, songs and monuments. Never think of yourself as a “citizen” or member of the state’s minions; and certainly never have good feeling about any of the state’s victories over others.

To withdraw your consent to be governed means to, much as possible, avoid all interaction with the state and its government. This does not mean you need to become an anti-social loner. No, it means being very social and living with your friends, family and neighbors in voluntary cooperation. Help to build society and its natural order.

Try to learn as much as possible about the natural order and what voluntary cooperation among free men and women means: see this post about the old west in America for example. There are historic examples of anarchy or near anarchy that show that people can and do build orderly societies in the absence of the predatory state. Remember that the artificial legal order of the government with its legislator made law is vastly inferior to the system of laws made by the people themselves; see here and here.

To withdraw your consent to be governed can include joining an “underground economy” but it does not mean you have to do that. It would mean talking your children out of the government’s indoctrination camps (“schools”) if you can find some way to do that. You should also avoid believing the main stream media’s account of any story as they are a propaganda arm of the state. Support alternative media.

It is not necessary to “take to the streets” in ’60s style protest marches to withdraw your consent to the idea that the state has some legitimate right to own you and your family. You can first just stop voting. Don’t watch any movies or TV that glorify the military, police, or the state. Don’t support the state in any manner. There is no need to engage in violence; just work to educate others that the state is mankind’s most powerful and hostile enemy.

To withdraw your consent from the state means to have faith in the natural order and that people form lasting societies in ways that rely on voluntary cooperation without the coercion of the state. Murray Rothbard and others have written extensively about how society in the absence of the state can function. We must seek to eliminate the state in all its forms and that first means stop supporting it in any manner. We must somehow educate people that their ancestors the Classical Liberals who built a relatively free country in the beginning were on the right trail — even if they did not see that any state at all, no matter how small, will ultimately become a tyranny.


But the main thing we must do is remain optimistic in the face of the growing power of the Empire and its police state. We may not live to see the end of the state but it is coming as the trend lines are clear. Once upon a time in America is was said that all the libertarians in the country could fit in Murray Rothbard’s living room and did often meet there. We don’t face as hard a task as the original classical liberals did in the 1700s in working for a free society because we now know that it can be done. We have every reason to be optimistic for the long run even as we fear the brutality and horror in the short run as the dying beast can be very dangerous in its death throes. I once wrote that the Austrian School of Economics is enjoying its most spectacular surge in growth in my lifetime. It is obvious that Ron Paul awakened many to the ideas of liberty and the ideas that Austrians have been putting forth ever since its founding by Carl Menger. Now a new generation of young people are reading Austrian economics. The economics of the Austrian school informs these young folks that government is the eternal enemy of peace, prosperity, and liberty. The Mises Institute is now an important and powerful force for good on the internet and there are many, many others as well. The philosophy of liberty sells well.

It is time to live your life in as many ways as you can without any consent to be governed. It starts in your mind. Begin today.


2 thoughts on “Withdraw your consent to be governed

  1. i know what you are saying i see and agree and to i would like to help people awaken and be enlightened to the world we dont see and see, the facts we dont know but yet come to believe inspight of .the ruins we must piece together to rebuild our sectors.

    • It is hard to help people see that the non-aggression principle where you never aggress against another or their property is the path to peace, prosperity, and progress. We have to try though.

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