A Word on Climate

I don’t often mention “global warming” here, as I am more interested in liberty, political philosophy, and the Austrian School brand of economics but I do turn to the climate wars once in a while. Today is one of those days and I want to catch up with a few things.

First, I notice that some pundits have made the point that modern day environmentalism is collapsing since far too many of the original conservation organizations have been hijacked by climate activists with agendas at total odds to those of the organization’s founders. We should not be surprised that support for these organizations have declined as they have ditched their original missions. At present the climate alarmists are desperately floundering around looking for a new proof of catastrophic man-made global warming (now re-branded as “climate change”)  as a result of rising carbon dioxide levels. Let us look at a few of their latest “proofs”.

1. Polar bears were claimed to be in great danger due to rising temperatures. And yet, these bears are thriving and not starving to death as predicted. There are twice as many polar bears as there were 40 years ago. Doubling is not dying out. (that last for the arithmetic challenged among us)

2. The ice caps are claimed to be melting which will drown us all. The problem there is that the ice at the Antarctic pole is growing and setting records for extent while the recent decline in Arctic ice has gone into sharp reverse and is growing at an astonishing rate at present.

3. Sea levels are supposed to be rising but the monitoring agencies have to add a fudge factor just to make the sea level rise the same as it has been since it started back in the 1850s. Even with the fudge factor the sea level has recently been slowing according to the government agencies. Certainly there is nothing alarming to see in sea levels.

4. The alarmists point out that glaciers are melting. That some glaciers are melting is true and that has been going on since that process started this time back in the 1850s at the end of the little ice age. (overall, glaciers have been melting since the end of the last glacial era about 12,000 years ago)

5. The alarmists claim that the oceans are acidifying but we have no historical data for comparison since the ocean pH was not measured until recently. We do have wild eyed speculations — but that is not science now is it? Besides, CO2 would not be the cause of the oceans becoming more acidic anyway.

6. The best alarmist claim is that the surface temperatures are rising. The global temperatures have indeed risen since the end of the little ice age in the 1850s and may we thank the gods for that. It is said that the average global temperature has risen by around 0.7 degrees C over the past century and that most of the rise occurred before anthropogenic CO2 could have been the culprit. This situation is not alarming even before we consider that there has been massive data manipulation in the historic temperature records and that a 17 year ‘pause’ in rising temperatures is still going on.

The entire alarmist “the planet is going to fry” movement is a fraud. Mankind has darn little effect on global temperatures. Consider that it is an historical fact that around 1,000 AD the English were growing wine grapes, and producing wines from the grapes, on the England/Scottish border. This wine so produced in that time period rivaled the wines produced in France. Today the English can not grow grapes in that region. Obviously the Medieval Warming Period was much warmer than today. Another fact is that around the same time period the Vikings were settling and living in Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland. The area was warm enough for these colonies to thrive until about 1,400 AD when the start of the little ice age lead to their demise. From about 1,400 AD to about 1,850 AD, the little ice age caused Europe to experience numerous harsh, cold and damaging winters, years and decades. Crop failures, famines and plagues reduced the population of Europe by more than half.

A retired Canadian health inspector once explained that his job had been to ensure that perishable food for sale was stored at the required temperatures. To do this his employer provided a “state of the art” digital thermometer that was regularly certified as accurate as the readings might need to be used in legal proceedings. This instrument was a $1500 thermometer and it was a real precision instrument. The thermometer had a guaranteed accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 degrees C which is ten times less accuracy than the “GLOBAL Temperature Anomalies” which is claimed to be measured in 0.01 C accuracy in government data sets which have at best +- 0.5 C accuracy. The older mercury in glass max/min thermometers aren’t going to be any more accurate and they are still in use today. Additionally, the older historical temperatures in the data set were measured to at best half a degree. Where do these modern “scientists” get their magical accuracy from instruments that are orders of magnitude less accurate? (they failed 8th grade science?)

Besides all the above information, I think that in order to believe that the planet’s global climate is being warmed dangerously by human C02 emissions we must deny the five contradictions at least:

1. Ice cores from glaciers show that throughout history, changes in C02 follows changes in temperature (lags behind), and not the other way around.

2. The warmer surface (land and oceans) heats up the cooler atmosphere, and not the other way around.

3. The earth is warmed to an average temperature of 15C because solar energy is retained in the oceans and released slowly upward against the pressure of the atmosphere, and not because of any heat trapped by gases in the atmosphere.

4. Forty years of satellite data show that outgoing infrared radiation (IR) from the top of the atmosphere has been constant, and not decreased with higher CO2 levels.

5. In the last 17+ years there has been no additional surface warming and with even some small decline at the same time as CO2 has continued to rise dramatically in the atmosphere.

St+James's+Park+And finally, I find it interesting that the whole “greenhouse gases effect” has change dramatically in my lifetime to support the alarmist viewpoint. When I studied science in college back in the 70’s we were taught that the “Greenhouse Effect” was obviously a consequence of atmospheric pressure. Science then taught that the high pressure at the surface of Venus was the cause of the heat at the surface and likewise the earth’s atmosphere was instrumental in our surface temperature due to atmospheric pressure. It was then accepted science that atmospheric pressure was the critical factor in accordance with the established science of the Gas Laws. Then came the idea that a trace gas could warm the surface of the planet to a higher temperature than the sun. Occam’s razor was tossed out the window.

The entire “catastrophic global warming” scare has been produced to wreck the economies of the industrialized nations and to further empower the governments to control the economies. There is no catastrophic man-made global warming to be worried about. Instead, worry about the socialists that are running the governments and seek to enslave you. That, my friends, is worth your worry.

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