One reason the police are your enemy

I was reading my normal sources when I came upon several instances of inexplicably bad behavior by police offerers which made little sense other than, perhaps, they just plain enjoyed bullying people and that is why they joined the force. For example, consider the episode Mass. state trooper treats man like criminal for failing to show “respect” reported by The Bay State Examiner in which a cop treats a motorist like a criminal because he wanted to know why he had been pulled over.

On June 10, Anthony Destefano was pulled over in Revere and treated like a criminal by a Massachusetts state trooper who apparently wanted to punish him because he felt disrespected.

A pair of YouTube of the traffic stop show that Destefano repeatedly asked why he was pulled over. The police officer, who identified himself as Trooper Taylor Robidoux, refused to tell him until he handed over his license and car registration. After Destefano produced the documents, the officer told him he was pulled over for having tinted windows.

This example is only a small one, and the motorist was not hurt this time, but it is just one more example out of millions that go on in this country every year. Another report I read just today was about two police officers who crashed a family cookout to harass a man who was not wanted or suspected of any crimes, then shot the man’s elderly father and allegedly planted a gun on him, according to numerous witnesses. And these criminal cops face no punishment for their actions!

Those of us who are paying even a small amount of attention to the news realize that the police are out of control. The reports of police brutality have skyrocketed in recent times and we all have our theories as to why that has come to pass. We know that the police were handed overwhelming and unconstitutional powers in the “war on drugs” and that the police has been “militarized” over the last decades, but understanding how we got to this present state of affairs can be difficult at times.

I was reading Simple Justice: a Criminal Defense Blog by New York defense attorney Scott H. Greenfield the other day when I happened upon a post on one of the main reasons why the police act as they do.

After watching a number of youtube videos sent to me, each of which involved a person subject to commands by police who were, upon failure to comply, harmed, it occurred to me that both the victims of the harm, and those who commented about it, failed to appreciate what was happening.

The harm was in response to what we refer to as “contempt of cop,” the failure to do as told, whether completely or quickly enough.  The reaction tended to focus on the propriety of the command. Sit down. Stand up. Stay in the car. Get out of the car. Stop the video. Move away.  The reaction by the target of the command was that they don’t have to, the command was unlawful or that the order was ridiculous.

The orders may be arbitrary. The police officer didn’t particularly care whether the person was standing or sitting, in the car or out.  What the cop cared about, and cared deeply, is that the person complied with his order, no matter what his order was. Command presence.

A core concept in modern police training is that command presence protects the officer.  It’s the cop’s way of showing the person with whom he’s interacting that the cop is in control, that he is not weak and is the predator rather than the prey.  The corollary is that the person who complies with the officer’s commands is not a threat to the officer’s safety.  The person who refuses to comply, who challenges the officer’s command, is a potential threat. Due to the First Rule of Policing, threats must be stopped.

Ironically, the notion behind command presence was not to strike fear into people, but rather respect.  If an officer appears confident and in control, he will obtain compliance not through the threat of harm, but through the trust and respect he engenders.

This demand for total obedience as part of police training explains why the people who call the cops are often beaten or killed themselves. It explains why the deaf or people with other disabilities often enrage the cops and end up beaten or killed. The orders issued may be arbitrary and of little real meaning other than enforce total obedience by the victims citizens to the “command presence” of the cop.

The entirety of this training focuses exclusively on the officer. That they will “inflict pain” isn’t perceived as a negative, but as mandatory.  The cavalier mention of punishing the perp isn’t viewed as conduct unbecoming, but conduct they are expected, trained, to use to prevent “unacceptable behavior.”  Unacceptable behavior, of course, is noncompliance.

Whatever the stated reasons for the demand to total obedience to the “command presence” of the police officer, the real reason is that the police are the enforcers of the criminal gang writ large: The State. The state demands that you obey their laws, edicts, demands, rules and so forth. The police to the state as the edge is to the knife. The police are the state and don’t you forget it.

There can be no real freedom and liberty as long as the sheep allow the criminal gang and their enforcers to continually commit aggression against the population. The very idea that there are any police officers who are “good guys” is a fallacy and a dangerous one at that. The police are trained to be your enemy and the training was well learned in the vast majority of cases. This is all on top of the fact that many sociopaths and psychopaths join the police force for the raw pleasure they get from inflicting pain on the innocent.

The state is your enemy. The police are the state. Connect the dots.



11 thoughts on “One reason the police are your enemy

  1. It shouldn’t be this way, but more and more I coming to think you are correct. Pay attention to the egos of those that become police. That can really be seen in small towns that are speed traps. Shouldn’t the citizens of those towns rebel? Don’t they want commerce from folks in other towns. How does a town endear itself to others if it is known as a speed trap. Is that simply to collect the revenue necessary to justify their existence in those towns?
    It’s just like war. When will people realize they are being manipulated into hating people across the globe that pose no threat to them by power hungry politicians? How many wars would there be without the politicians? Name one war that has ever been started without some ego maniac politician?

    • Mickey, we are in a long process of educating the populous to where they can see what you just pointed out. Rothbard was always optimistic about the future even as he believed the short term future could be real rocky.

  2. I do not hate the police as a whole, After all they are necessary for order but there are way too many that are out of control and corrupt, For instance I am being persecuted and tried for murder in a plain self defense case because the detective and I had a prior incident and he was wrong so I told him he was trespassing and get the fuck out of my yard. Evidense is on my side but for 3 years my life has been hell.

    • Very interesting how the Irish dealt with matters and sensible, Our present system leans too much towards money and power and not in the interest of the people and/or matters at hand!
      Thanks for the insight.

  3. If you think about it, when you are stopped by an armed thug representing “law and order”, you actually become his slave in the sense that he “owns” you and your life until he decides he doesn’t. And all this time I thought slavery is immoral and illegal!

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