Does the government tamper with historical climate data?

There is a poll out that says that 53% of Americans don’t believe in Man-Made Global Warming. I think most of those skeptical 53% would agree that temperatures go up and down and I think most of the skeptical 53% would likely agree that mankind’s activities has some impact on weather and climate. After all, deforestation of a region will most certainly effect its climate. But if we look at the temperature record from 1900 until today can we come to any conclusions? We might be able to if the data record is honest and reliable. But is it? Would government run agencies who are in charge of the data sets manipulate the data? Would a bureaucrat lie? (on a related note: would a politician lie?)

The entire debate over “global warming” has been filled with mindless drivel and misinformation. As an example, the Antarctica just set an all-time record for June 27 sea ice extent with the highest anomaly ever recorded and at the same the UK’s The Independent newspaper responds with “Half of emperor penguins could be ‘wiped out by end of the century’ due to melting sea ice” Yes, I suppose anything is possible but as we have more ice than ever recorded, one would think that lack of ice is not what those cute little Penguins need to worry about.

One of the most interesting developments recently has been the uproar over NOAA’s continually changing the historical data record of temperatures as explained here. The documenting of blatant fraud by the federal drones in charge of the historical temperature data set has long been the providence of a blog named “Real Science“. A few days ago the host posted this graph in a post where he asked just how bad is the USHCN tampering?:

ts-ushcn_anom25_diffs_urb-raw_pgUSHCN stands for United States Historical Climate Network and is the data set of historical records for our nation. Should this data set be tampered with?

As it turns out, the government minions at NOAA will “adjust” the historical records of the long ago past and reduce the recorded temperatures downwards which then makes the present temperatures seem hotter by comparison. Hence any trend-line drawn though the data will make the slope ever more positive and look ever more alarming.

The most amazing thing that happened over the weekend though was the revelation that the temperature data sets are “adjusted” on a continuing basis! Whatever you read in the data set about 1939 today will change by tomorrow! By next year you will not be about to recognize it!

ts-ushcn_anom25_diffs_pgzombie stationsIn “More News On USHCN Temperature Adjustments” where he was looking at some specific sites, Paul Homewood observed:

For instance, January 2013 has changed from 10.79C to 10.88C. Even months this year have changed. I have not done a full check, but it appears earlier years in the record have changed as well.

It seems that nowadays actual temperature data no longer matters, only what the computer decides it should be.

And they call it “science”!

You should be aware that Steve Goddard for a long time has been running a series of posts about the large and unexplained adjustments being made to the US temperature record by NOAA. A good example would be his post here. That post lead Paul Homewood to look in detail at Luling, Texas. As he put it:

So, I thought it might be worth looking in more detail at a few stations, to see what is going on. In Steve’s post, mentioned above, he links to the USHCN Final dataset for monthly temperatures, making the point that approx 40% of these monthly readings are “estimated”, as there is no raw data.

From this dataset, I picked the one at the top of the list, (which appears to be totally random), Station number 415429, which is Luling, Texas.

What he found was that the various “adjustments”, “estimations” and “infilling” of bogus data in place of the raw observations have added an astonishing 1.35C to the annual temperature for 2013. At the same time the figures for 1934 show that the adjustment has reduced temperatures that year by 0.91C. The combined effect has been to create out of thin air an apparent 2.26C of warming.

I don’t see how this could be any clearer. Infilling of fabricated temperatures is causing the vast majority of reported warming since 1990. The reason I see this and others don’t – is because I use the actual data reported by USHCN exactly as it is reported. ~Goddard

Now Paul Homewood has found the same sort of shenanigans in the Alabama USHCN records as well.

Just as with Kansas, we find that there is a substantial adjustment, this time of 1.34F. Excluding the odd outlier at Brewton , the average jumps to 1.58F, very similar to the Kansas figure. ~ Paul Homewood

Note that NOAA is changing the records of the far distance past with this data manipulation and they do it on a continuing basis. Homewood found that every time he went back to look the records have been modified. Heck, it even happened on the weekend! It would seem that the data fraud never rests. All this is on top of the problem of them “estimating” for non-reporting stations that have been taken out of service years ago. Yes, they really do have “zombie stations” reporting long after the station has died.

It has been determined that if you look at the raw temperature record for the U.S. from 1900 until the present time and use sites that have been continually reporting and have not had urban heat sources spring up around them (think airports) then you discover there has been no warming. And yet the EPA just announced rules based on the myth of “man-made global warming” that will make energy prices skyrocket. The poor, as always, will be hardest hit in many ways. The most obvious hard hit will be in heating bills.

On top of that, it has been pointed out by many that the US temperature record is the most complete and reliable. The spotty global record is more easily manipulated by the fear mongering alarmists with all their grant money and influence. Indeed, because the US record is more reliable, it is quite likely that the US record is actually a better reflection of the global reality than the global record itself. That is one very sad state of affairs. The U.S. record is the best, while at the same time we know it to be blatantly fraudulent and unreliable.

Consider this report of NASA tampering with temperatures in Iceland.

In this guest post, Magnus Cederlöf shows how GISS “homogenized” a constant temperature from the 1950’s – 2000’s in Iceland to a rising temperature. One is amazed at the craftsmanship!

Can anyone who understands the coersive, fraudulent nature of the state be surprised at any of this?



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