Cop shots and paralyzes man over parking tickets

This story: Man Shot, Paralyzed Over 31 Unpaid Parking Tickets is just another data point along our decent into a full on police state.

A man was shot Thursday morning in Lehigh County when a Pennsylvania State Constable tried to serve him with a warrant over unpaid parking tickets.

The constable told the district attorney he felt his life was in danger as he tried to serve 38-year-old Kevin McCullers.

McCullers, who had 31 outstanding parking tickets, was shot as he tried to back out of his driveway along the 3400 block of Portland Drive in Whitehall Township around 7:30 a.m. Thursday. His girlfriend says McCullers was on his way to Dunkin’ Donuts and was surprised by the constable.

“They never knocked on the door. No, nothing. I just heard the gunshots. He pulled the car out of the garage and all I heard were gunshots,” said Hafeezah Muhammad, who added that McCullers, who was hit in the back, may not walk again. “For parking tickets? It’s insane.”

I would argue that parking tickets in most cities is just another revenue racket and that not paying one of the things is heroic. However, many others would argue that anyone who gets a parking ticket needs to pay the ticket no matter what he feels about the rightness of the city money-raising racket.

No matter what one thinks of 31 unpaid parking tickets, I think we can all agree that a police ambush where they shoot you down as you back your car out of the driveway is going way to far to be considered “proportional justice” or to be considered a lawful use of force. To paralyze a man over a money-grabbing racket is the sort of thing that our schools used to teach us that banana republics did.


The District Attorney claimed the shooting could have been avoided if McCullers had entered into a payment plan. The shooting could also have been avoided if McCullers had emigrated to a land that was not a police state much as many Germans did in the 1930’s. The question is why shot and paralyze a man over some money owed to the gangster city.

The real question this story raises is about out of control cops who nationwide are dealing out extrajudicial brutal punishments daily. There are bloggers who do nothing else but report on these horrific bad cop stories. Is there any wonder we see reports of cops brutalizing people if the attempt to record on duty cops as they “do their job”?

How many of these stories would it take to make a person start to believe that our modern militarized police state is the antithesis of freedom and liberty?


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