EPA as evidence against the state

I was reading this roundup of climate related news items when I stumbled over the following item about the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmentalism Gone Mad: Retired EPA researcher and environmentalist, Alan Carlin, brings up certain disturbing issues about the EPA. EPA conducted a study on DDT and found no compelling evidence that ordinary use of DDT is harmful to humans. Yet, administrator Ruckelshaus banned DDT, claiming that it may cause cancer. The ban and subsequent government and environmental group activities resulted in tens of millions of preventable deaths from malaria, mostly in poor countries. Carlin estimates the number of deaths to be about 50 million. The World Health Organization estimates that, today, about 500,000 die from malaria every year. This ban illustrates that one cannot assume the activities of the EPA or environmental groups are for the benefit of human health.

It is interesting that it almost always seems to be retired workers who are willing to blow the whistle on a government agency’s wrongdoing; and there are not many of those people either. Edward Snowden was not retired but look what happened to him.

I followed the DDT debate from the beginnings decades ago to the complete ban. The scientific facts that I looked at convinced me that the EPA was wrong as was the entire movement to ban DDT, but that is not the point of bringing it up at this late date — after all, the 50 million dead people can not be helped now. The thing that caught my eye was the fact that the agency itself could find no compelling evidence against DDT but the administrator of the EPA banned it anyway claiming it causes cancer. He saw no need to present evidence since he had none and he represented the government — obey you peasants.

I read this horrific example of the EPA and the government perverting science just days after I read the following headline:

EPA head: We don’t need to justify our regulations with data

It seems that the current EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy took a drumming  when she refused to be part of any release of the ‘secret science’ her agency uses when drafting new regulations. She refused to release data on which her agency’s  regulations are based which is anti-science in the extreme. Sounds just like the DDT debacle.

If the above were not bad enough, I also read the following from the Wall Street Journal on how the EPA plays the court system to “win” even when it loses:

Editorial, WSJ, Jul 6, 2015


SUMMARY: Even though the opponents of EPA’s questionable anti-coal, mercury regulations were victorious in the Supreme Court, the EPA significantly damaged the US electrical generation system. “In 2011, the year the EPA proposed the anticarbon mercury rule that the Court has now ruled illegal, some 1,500 fossil-fuel-fired electric units were in operation. Only about 100 have not already closed or complied at a cost of billions of dollars.” The challenge to those states filing against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, requiring another 30% carbon reduction, on average, from the states, is “the snail’s pace of the judicial process in response to new rules lends de facto immunity to whatever the EPA wants to do, even if the conclusion is another legal defeat that arrives too late to make a practical difference.”


In other words, the EPA can do just as it pleases and the EPA does do just that. This sort of thing goes by the name tyranny when we see it in foreign countries. I suspect that you can see it is tyranny here as well. Did you really think the EPA was just about “protecting the environment”? Power corrupts.


As I have pointed out over and over in posts here over the years; the state is not your friend. The best you can hope for is the you don’t get tortured today. Perhaps the state is occupied with others and will leave you alone today. As Rothbard pointed out long ago, “the government does not in any accurate sense “represent” the majority of the people.”  In fact, the government is the people’s biggest enemy as today’s lesson from the EPA demonstrates.


One thought on “EPA as evidence against the state

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