The State must be eradicated

Does the State, any State, have the right to exist? Many have answered that it does not have any right to exist and is mankind’s main enemy. We remember Murray N. Rothbard and Lysaner Spooner saw that the reason the State has no right to exist is very simple. There is a basic moral law that is inborn in us; that we learn as small children; that good parents reinforce in us: we should never harm other people who have done us no wrong. Since the state has to harm innocent people to exist then it should not exist. Often anarchists and libertarians refer to this law as the non-aggression principle. One may not morally aggress against an innocent man or his property.

The State claims the right to change moral law and it claims the exclusive right to enforce moral law by violence, fraud, and threat of violence. The State claims that morality is whatever the State decides morality is. So naturally the State attempts to change moral law by legislation and insist that only its legislation (and bureaucratic rules) can define, outlaw, and punish the “illegal” actions of the population. The subjects of the State may do only what the State allows them to do or else they are immoral and illegal. The State seeks to be master of all reality. The results of the State’s claims lead us to the police state, to war, to tyranny, and to slavery.

Murray Rothbard pointed out that “Taxation is theft, purely and simply even though it is theft on a grand and colossal scale which no acknowledged criminals could hope to match. It is a compulsory seizure of the property of the State’s inhabitants, or subjects.” The State steals money from its subjects, its slaves, and then does with that money as it pleases. Regardless of what it does with that stolen money, we can not escape the fact that it was stolen in the first place. No good comes from an evil beginning. The State is like the mobster that breaks your legs, and takes all your money, but gives you a pair of crutches.

Lysander 1

There are many arguments against the State and there have been many anti-state intellectuals who have argued against the State with great logic and rigor. But one of the simplest of arguments is that in the last century the various governments were responsible for the murder of nearly 200 million of their own slave-subjects before we even consider the horrors unleashed in warfare against other governments. If you thought government was there to protect you — surprise!

Humanity seems to assume that the State is inevitable. Humanity assumes that only because they are used to it and the State uses all manner of its minions to convince its subjects of its necessity. We grow up in a sea of propaganda in favor of the State, especially in government schools. Imagine that! Government schools claim that the government is necessary, good, and our friend. The slave-subjects of the State grow resigned to the inevitability of the State even if they realize it is evil. That is enough for the small group of gangsters running the State to stay in power.

Anarchists argue that all the functions of the State could be distributed among organizations in the free market. Not the market the US Empire has now! I am talking about a laissez-faire free-market with no government to corrupt or control it.

The main political battle of our times is not who to elect to high office next, but rather, to convince the common man that the State is not inevitable.




7 thoughts on “The State must be eradicated

  1. Great summary on this topic. Even if one accepts these indisputable facts about the violent and immoral basis of the state, it seems most people get stuck on how things would work in a state-less world, especially the approach to real crimes against persons such as murder, rape, theft, and others. Thoughts?

  2. Mark, I do not know if you have seen this article. If not you might be interested.

    Until Recently There Was No Such Thing as “Government” in Most of the World

    ….To be clear, it is true that governments, empires, and other forms of organized thuggery took place throughout history, but these plantations only stretched so far. Vast areas of the planet were inhabited by free and relatively peaceful groups of people. They traded amongst themselves and helped each other through hard times—without authority and organized violence. Since the word “government” means so many different things to so many different people, for the sake of this conversation we can define the term as: “A territorial monopoly of force within a specific geographical region.”

    One of the most popular misconceptions about human history is that there is no example of a thriving and peaceful anarchist society in our past. This idea couldn’t be more wrong, because although tyrants may have drawn lines on maps that stretched across the entire continent, they did not have the resources or technology to reach very far outside of their capital cities. Even the largest empires were not able to patrol the full reaches of their kingdoms. Large populations would not come into contact with government agents for many generations. It has only been the past few hundred years that empires have been able to stretch from ocean to ocean, controlling and taxing all the people within that entire geographical area…

    • Hi Gail,

      Thanks for the article. I had not seen that one. ” Large populations would not come into contact with government agents for many generations,” is spot on.

      Murry Rothbard and others pointed out that fact long ago. Butler Shaffer has even mentioned that in the past there was anarchy in spots even when one would think there was government just as John Vibes did. Shaffer mentioned the cover wagon trips in the old west where the people had no contact with the government along the way as one example.

  3. Since I was born I have always known that authority is evil. If I could get them all in one place and hit the button I would. Wait, but they already are in one place…the entire planet and beyond. We’re fucked. All who command all who obey, all leaders, followers, and worshipers must be eliminated from existence. Only the agnostic anarchist should exist, all others are to not exist at all, anywhere. One authoritarian or believer left alive needs to be considered the greatest danger to the entire universe. Just one means we are surrounded. Even anyone who questions it.

  4. One more thing. I wish I could turn them ALL into lemmings and show the the nearest cliff. That is what they do to us. If the slave does not kill anyone and everyone against him, the slave stays a slave. If I had a starship and a doomsday device, I would do it. Why not. 99.999999% of the world is EVIL. It was, and is, evil that begot this world for slavery.

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