The laws of bureaucracy

A long time ago, I was reading Gary North on bureaucracy and saved the following four “laws” of bureaucracy.

The four laws of bureaucracy by Dr. Gary North:

  1. No matter how tightly the by-laws are written for a tax-funded agency, some agency bureaucrat will exceed common sense in his attempt to follow the text.
  2. The bureaucracy will back up the bureaucrat who does this until such time as there is a revolt by those funding the bureaucracy.
  3. All bureaucracies seek to secure guaranteed future income from the taxpayers, no matter what the taxpayers say or do.
  4. The taxpayers will finally revolt.

I think I have seen other lists like this one, but this one is good. Mr. North has it wrapped up well. One could also cite the “law of unintended consequences” which will lead to number one and law-makers never seem to learn that.

There is no telling how long the 4th one will take in the US Empire, but I hope not too long. I am wondering if the Donald Trump phenomenon is an example of number 4 in action.

This list of laws also tells us why no matter who is in charge at the top of a government, the government itself does not seem to obey his wishes or commands. We blame the president for everything under his command, but he is not really totally in charge.


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