What can liberty lovers do in this era? (#1 – good guys and bad guys)

As I mentioned in my last post, we need to find strategies and tactics to defend ourselves against the state. We live in an era where the central government has become a police state and the overbearing nature of the state is growing on a daily basis. We need to find allies in this war for liberty.

The first thing to realize is that the state is not some mythical being come down from space to enslave us. The state is made up of human beings just like you and me. The state is a small group of people dominating the rest of us. So how does this small group of people dominate the vast majority of regular people? The state needs its supporters to keep the majority believing that the state is a good thing, believing it a necessary evil, or at least just believing there is nothing they can do about it. Resigned acceptance is often just as good as joyous support as far as the ruling class is concerned.

The state has its allies and the liberty lover needs to find his allies or potential allies. Ron Paul in his two runs for the Republican nomination for president found many new liberty lovers by helping them to understand what was going on. He converted many young people by education.

So who are the “bad guys” and who are the “good guys”? And then, who are the people that we can get to join our side? The most important question is “who can we enlist to be on the side of liberty“?

“Bad Guys”

The first thing to do is list some of the people that are not on our side and probably never will be. As Upton Sinclair told us, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

The first class of people who are not on our side and are never going to join us is politicians. The people who are the state are not going to give up power, prestige, money, and all the other perks of office to help us fight the state. A few rare exceptions, like Ron Paul, can be allies in the fight against the police state but we should not put much hope in changing their minds. Let us not waste too much effort on the criminal class.  H. L. Mencken told us that “A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.”

The second class of people who mainly are never going to help us in our fight are the intellectual class who support the state in return for money and prestige. University professors, public school teachers, journalists, TV news people, and others who preform the same role that the priesthood did once upon a time. Now obviously there will be a few in these groups who will join us, but overall any anti-state message is going to be a hard sell to these people.

Another group that will be very resistant to helping us will be the Corporate masters and the very wealthy. The large corporations are protected by the state in many ways and we have a “corporatism” economy; or as some call it, a crony-cap economy. These are polite words or phrases for economic fascism. It is not just those who supply our war efforts, but a host of large industries back the state as their positions are guaranteed by the state.

But it is not just the large corporations indebted to the state. Consider all the credentialed people whose piece of paper allows them to do a job and no one else is allowed to do. Think of the medical field where a certificate is needed to operate any machine. Think of poor women not allowed to fix hair for pay due to lack of permission by the state.  Other examples abound: thousands of them.

As Rothbard pointed out long ago, the “social democrat” will stand against liberty and tradition. The social democrat will always favor statism and big government. These people favor global government and are dead set against any celebration of cultural heritage. A subset of these people are often called the “social justice warrior”. A more wrong-headed and insidious bunch would be hard to find in today’s world.

And lastly for this partial list, consider all the people on welfare, and all those getting “free” anything from the government. As many have pointed out, welfare has destroyed the family and kept the poor down but it is hard to convince them of that.

The above list is hardly complete. The welfare-warfare state showers “goodies” on all sorts of people to keep them in line. We will have to reach some of these people to get to the ultimate goal, but trying to persuade a left-wing professor is hardly worth our time in the beginning.

“Good Guys”

At first one might think that there are damn few of us who are lovers of freedom and liberty. One might think selling the idea that the state is mankind’s enemy might be nearly impossible. But there are a lot of people who are already on our side and there are a lot of people who just need to be educated as to the problem. So, who are some of the people we can reach?

We already have on our side many anarchists, miniarchists, libertarians, classical liberals, and others. We only need to keep each group from attacking the other over ideological points. If we can see that the enemy is destroying us, perhaps we can keep down the injury by “friendly fire”.

Regular working people are a prime source of potential recruits. The self-reliant, common American has been brainwashed to believe that we must have government to have society and it is our job to explain that government is the enemy of society.

I believe that we have a great shot at recruiting young people to our cause. Ron Paul proved that fact in his presidential bids.

I believe that we have a chance to reach women. I think that we can reach women by talking up the center of society — the family. I also believe women would like to hear that we believe in small groups like the local church groups or civic organizations. We are not against governance but against the monopoly state. All voluntary rules and ways of doing things are within a libertarians outlook.

Another group that we find easy to reach is the paleo-conservative. The “old-right” is practically the same as the Classical Liberal. These groups are essentially believers in a tiny government that offers mainly police, courts, and military defense of the homeland.


“A Real Challenge”

One group that belongs in the “bad guys” list is the modern left-wing “liberal”. But we need to reach these people. They want to “do good” in the world, but have a mistaken idea of how to do good. They are brainwashed and it is our job to deprogram them. May God help us!

The military man is another challenge. They are often libertarian leaning, but they often don’t seem to realize that going overseas to kill people is not “protecting us”. They should only be stationed inside the US. A much smaller military will be a hard sell to many current duty personnel and vets.


This listing of various groups is but a beginning but one has to start someplace. I will look at what could be our first goals in moving toward liberty and freedom; and that will bring us to what tactics we might use to convince various groups. I hope not to take too long, as I am already working on the next post.



4 thoughts on “What can liberty lovers do in this era? (#1 – good guys and bad guys)

  1. It’s a good start. I believe that certain things follow ineluctably from what is. I believe there exists a class of people today who believe that they now possess the power to rule over the entire planet. That long-nurtured dream of every tyrant since the rise of Babylon, never before achievable except for those who wold shrink the boundaries of “the whole world” down to fit their own achievements, is at last possible. I believe these people are right. I believe that in many ways they already rule.

    But I also believe that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    So I believe their rule will be, as another man said, “nasty, brutish and short.”

    I expect it to devolve very quickly into the worst oppression this world has yet seen. I say that as an optimist and one who has great hope for the future. But in every dawn of a new age mankind has had to wrestle with the remnants of the previous age, and in this I see the rise of a global government as no different. The ruling class have no such humility as would be required to make such a transition peaceful and humane. Therefore it will be vicious and bloody.

    Nonetheless, certain constant verities remain. Rural dwellers far from the centres of political power have always enjoyed freedoms denied those who live closer in. When poverty, shortage, and famine inevitably result from the rule of the lords of misrule, these same people will still be able to grow their own food, fend for themselves, and live in relative safety far from the starving mobs of the inner cities.

    Therefore, some of the things we can do now are:

    – Purchase rural property
    – Prepare that property for “off grid” living
    – Get to know the neighbours
    – Become useful to them
    – Become known as a reliable person
    – Read

    • Good points all. I’ll have to stay in the city, so I am hoping we can destroy this evil before the evil destroys us. I am becoming ever more pessimistic about that however.

      So, I’ll work on how to get freedom lovers read to fight. And I think a fight is coming.

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