An Anarchist looks at voting in 2016

On Twitter, there is little way to have any sort of real debate since with 140 characters maximum one can not do much else other than hurl talking points. A few have had great differences over what an anarchist or libertarian should do this election cycle. In this essay I am going to give my thoughts on the situation.

I have agreed with Butler Shaffer for decades, especially this essay, “Why I Do Not Vote”, where he points out that politics is just plain evil. That is a great essay and I encourage you to read it. In the end, Professor Shaffer makes the case that we should not vote for short term gain by voting for someone closer to our libertarian outlook. He thinks we should weaken the state by not participating and looking hopefully toward the future in the knowledge that the nation-state will fall someday.

Unfortunately Butler Shaffer’s viewpoint takes time. What if we don’t have much time left? What if this election cycle may determine if we live or die? By the non-aggression principle I may fight back against the nation-state by voting since I have been ruled by politics for over six decades and the political system aggressed against me first. So, don’t holler at me that anarchists or libertarians are not allowed to vote and remain “pure”. I can if I want to — especially if I feel I need to. Especially is nuclear war hangs in the balance.

First things first. If I choose to vote due to the importance of this election, I will do so for the first time since Reagan’s first term. And, if I so chose, I’ll only vote for the top of the ticket since that is what has me so concerned about this cycle.

If I lived in a “safe state”, then I would not vote. There are many states in the US that are going to go heavily Democratic or heavily Republican and one need not get involved in these “safe states”. These are safe places to vote third party and many libertarians do so in those states — and crow about it without mentioning that they don’t live in a battle-ground state. But I live in Florida.

I did not vote in the election where Gore lost to Bush on a recount of votes; nor have I voted here since then other than for Ron Paul in the primary. (that got me called for jury duty) But I watched and realized that Florida is a 50-50 state that can go either way in a presidential election. Florida is one of the “battle ground” states and hence you vote may well be damned important in Florida.

The election will be won by the Republican or by the Democrat. Only the naive or the deluded would say otherwise. That means you will have either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump elected as president next November. (inauguration in January) It is also true that Florida will play a huge part in deciding which one of those two will be elected president. And so, I will hold my nose and vote unless one party or the other is so far ahead as to make my effort worthless. (I’ll not go by rigged polls though)

So, who to vote for? Not third party as that does nothing but waste my time and encourage the nation-state for no purpose. I will vote Trump to stop the evil, corrupt, war-mongering, murdering Clinton. I have watched both Clintons for decades and have never seen such an evil pair. Many other agree. See here or here or here or here for just a few others that I read today expressing the same concerns.

Many don’t know that the US military has been working on small nuclear devices called “battle field nukes” or tactical nukes. The devices are so small now that Generals have said that using nukes in a war is now “thinkable”. Not to me of course, but to the General with a mind only on war — perhaps nuclear war has become thinkable.

The Empire is pushing Russia hard and we have NATO troops on the very border of Russia while we are confronting China in an area called ‘The China Sea’. Why? Do we expect to do a “regime change” in these nuclear supper powers?

The most reliable warmonger and aggressive person in the presidential race is Hillary Clinton. She has demonstrated for decades that she wants the Empire to attack and destroy countries around the world. She will attack in the Middle East and ultimately she will attack Russia,

Can an exchange of tactical nuclear weapons be kept limited? No, of course not. We almost destroyed the world via all out nuclear war on two different occasions during the cold war.

The editorial director of wrote:

Take Greg Sargent, an opinion columnist with the Washington Post, who was a twinkle in his parents’ eyes when John F. Kennedy put American nukes in Turkey and the Russians responded by installing nuclear missiles in Cuba. So eager is he for a confrontation with Vladimir Putin that he tweeted this the other day. I responded with this. And he fired back with this – I must be a Trump supporter! As I told him, I hope he’s alive after the next missile crisis with Russia – which will be coming real soon after Hillary Clinton takes office.

From those on the far left to those on the far right, we see people tell us that the election of Clinton could well lead to war with Russia and that would be world war. Mankind will not survive the next world war. I realize the low information voter and especially the millennials can’t see that, but there is no fix for stupid. People who have watched Hillary Clinton for decades are very concerned that she might become president. Very concerned.

I will vote Trump to stop Clinton.


21 thoughts on “An Anarchist looks at voting in 2016

  1. A couple of ideas that dovetail.

    I was going to point these out as two separate issues and then realized they were the same.

    Right now there is a big flap (see ConservativeTreeHouse discussion on Hannity Part 2 Video as example ) over Trump’s apparent softening on immigration.

    A couple of points that everyone is missing.
    1. Art of the Deal — Ask for the moon and settle for the best doable

    2. Three-D-Chess vs Checkers. Trump plays Three-D-Chess.

    The really important point EVERYONE MISSED.
    In part 2 of the Hannity program, right after they polled the audience about what to do about illegals that are civilized, Trump made a comment everyone ignores. He said he had asked the crowds everywhere he goes the same questions and gets the same response.
    A. BUILD THE WALL!!!!!
    B. Deport the violent criminals NOW!
    C. Very mixed response on what to do about long resident civilized illegals. To which he responded we need more dialog, a humane response, NO CITIZENSHIP and to follow the law.

    These response has made his enemies gleeful. However, his supporters forget that Trump said he is THEIR VOICE and that means to me doing what the people of the USA wants and not what HE wants or the MSM/Elite want.

    This brings me to the second completely different topic. Forcing The Cathedral Musings from the ChiefIO

    He is looking at a book on Linux called “The Cathedral and the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source” and comparing it to the organization of human society.

    Point one:

    …This not so short posting is about a very big subject. As noted in the “categories” marked, it covers many aspects of the human condition. ‘Why’ is pretty simple: It is about a fundamental strain between two major ways of organizing human activity.

    For those unfamiliar with it, there is a book that explores this strain in the context of software development. In my opinion, it extends far beyond software and has been with us for thousands of years. It shows up throughout our history, has shaped empires, republics, and determined the outcome of wars…..

    Point two, the critical point

    “Treating your citizens as co-lawmakers is your least-hassle route to rapid law improvements and effective governance.”

    When you think about it, this bazaar style management is Trump’s style of management and it is why he is so sucessful. His son in the Hannity Part 2 Video even make a passing oblique mention of it.

  2. This is the site where people can vote for what questions they want asked at the upcoming debate.

    Of note.
    Donald Trump’s son said on a recent TV show that the reason Trump decided to run was because Obummer gave Iraq the ability to get nuclear weapons.

    If there was any doubt about Hillary wanting a war with Russia, take a look at this

    Analysis in this Comment.

    The author strikes me as a Psy-Operative.

  3. Mark,
    I just wrote this for Tony Heller comment and maybe you could use the info to convince people WHY we have no choice but to vote Trump.

    Either we vote Hillary and the US Constitutional Republic dies and we end up in a nuclear war with Russia and China.
    (Yeah, I can write a book proving that or you can read Pascal Lamy, Carroll Quigley, Judicial Watch and the Wikileak dumps and the comments linked below.)

    We vote The Donald and hope like heck he can cause a major change for the better.

    OR we have an armed revolution and the entire world blows up. (China and Russia will take advantage.)

    Those are your actual picks and the ONLY picks.
    You have less than a month to do the research and see that I am NOT kidding.

    Here are a few of my comments on the subject
    Tony Blair, Middle-East, gold and Gadhafi

    Then Hillary and Benghazi

    And go from there with a search for Benghazi in that thread to see the outright lies Hillary has told.

    • I certainly hope that Clinton loses, and that means Trump wins as no 3rd party can win with the system the Republicans and Democrats have set up.

      I am pessimistic due to the fact that both parties, the “deep state”, the billionaires, the media, the schools, and the rest of the state worshiping useful idiots in this country are against him. How hard is it to come up with some dirt (real or made up) that will tube his candidacy?

      If all else fails, just count the votes fraudulently.

  4. That is in and of it’s self bad enough however the problem is certain countries, mainly the BRICS and esp Russia and China have figured out the bankers and are challenging them.

    They are buying up gold and mining gold and have challenged the World Bank/IMF/US Petrodollar system just like Gadhafi did. The Elite can not allow such a challenge or the whole fiat currency mess falls down around their ears.

    The BRICS countries are:
    South Africa
    Details on gold buying and BRICS development bank HERE

    This is WHY Soros and his buddies want a war with Russia. They completely screwed themselves by weaking the USA and building up China, India and other countries.

    Both Russia and China tossed Soros and his Open Society agitators out on their ear meaning they have zero intention of agreeing to being vassal states of a global government.

  5. Mark, this needs to get out to the liberals who hate Hillary but might voe third party. We no longer have any wiggle room.

    We know the media ALWAYS makes up stories that make Trump look bad and Hillary look good. I realize that but why in Hades are they blathering on about Trump agreeing to accept a rigged election, when Hillary, in front of their faces, just committed a crime that would have her in prison for the rest of her life if she was anyone else?

    A crime that just put all their behinds on the firing line because it just gave China and Russia the design parameters for a successful nuclear strike!

    Pentagon Officials Furious After Clinton Announces US Response Time for Nuclear Launch During Debate

    …“Secretary Clinton proved tonight she is unfit to be commander-in-chief,” a top-ranking DOD intelligence source said. “What she did compromises our national security. She is cavalier and reckless and in my opinion should be detained and questioned so we can unravel why she did what she did.”

    According to Pentagon sources, the information Clinton disseminated publicly is Top Secret intelligence governed under the U.S. Special Access Program (SAP) which dictates safeguards and protocols for accessing and discussing highly classified and Top Secret intelligence. The specific details of the country’s nuclear response time discussed by Clinton, sources said, are only known by a handful of individuals outside top military brass

    Are these people so far removed from reality that they do not think China, who hates our guts might not use this information? Especially after Bill Clinton gave China our nuclear and missile technology?

    Or that Russia ,who is scared to death of Hillary because they think she is B@tsh!t crazy and wants to start a war would not fire first if she is elected?

    Please shove this information in to the face of ANYONE who is idiotic enough to want to vote Hillary or third party.

    We just went from ‘bad news’ to ‘OH SH!T’ with this ‘slip’ of Hillary’s tongue.

    More on China’s century of Humiliation: link

  6. Mark — WE WON!!! —- HAPPY DANCE!

    Now we have to roll up our sleeves and take back our country from the Globalist/Corporatist sharks. With the Lameduck Session now upon us extreme vigilance is required to prevent more damage.

    Please pass that on to the other Libertarians.

    OH, I do not know if you were aware that Tony Heller met with Donald Trump’s EPA transition team so yes he is willing to listen.

    Another critical point is coming up with a better voting system. It is being discused at E.M. Smiths blog.

    This is a great problem to crowd source. I am sure ther are a lot of good ideas out there.

    • Yes, we won. The world won a small reprieve from the neo-cons starting a war with Russia. I hope Trump will end the cold war and recognize Russia as an ally and not an adversary.

    We need to get rid of traitors Paul Ryan (House Majority Leader) and McConnell (Senate Majority Leader)

    PatriotKate says:
    November 9, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    O.k. Fellow Treepers, this is when we go from being supporters to being Activists who help Mr. Trump achieve all he promised us.

    YOU MUST CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN’S OFFICE — NOW! They are holding the Leadership elections in the conference next Tuesday – AN NO ONE IS OPPOSING RYAN. Then, the vote would be held when the new Congress is seated on January 3rd.

    I just talked with Congressman Mark Walker’s office and told him how much we adamantly oppose Paul Ryan as Speaker and that Ryan needs to be pressured to step aside. We don’t trust him and, in particular, opposed his childish actions in the last 6 months opposing Donald Trump.

    Please take action and also pass the message along in social media.

    • Paul Nehlen (a businessman) is running against Paul Ryan for the Speaker of the House. There was an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit about a week ago with Mr. Nehlen.

      The Speaker DOES NOT have to be a Congress Critter.

  8. Mark, they are already figuring on how to impeach Trump over Trump university
    In the Trump University case the original plaintiff had up vids giving glowing praises of the school.

    Think about it.
    How many who graduate from college and find their degree is worthless in today’s society? There are two partys involve and one of those is the student. If some of the Trump university students found the info helpful and went on to success than a conviction in Trump’s case opens up lawsuits against ALL universities by unsucessful graduates.

    Perhaps EVERYONE who ended up with a useless degree should bring lawsuits against as many universities as possible. Hubby for example has a degree in Physics but ended up a technical writer not a physicist.

    Most people with a degree in History or English or Physics or Economics ended up working in a completely different field so it is time to counter act. The US colleges and universities deserve the headache.

    Mark please pass this on to Sundance via e-mail. I am sure the Deplorables can organize and squash this idiocy.

  9. In response to my comment @ 10 November 2016 at 1:59 pm

    E.M.Smith says:
    11 November 2016 at 4:28 am


    Yup, that’s about right.

    The “short form” is that China is acting in a “mercantilist” manner. Mercantilism has been well understood and practiced for generations. The whole point of “Free & Fair Trade” is to stop mercantilism. What we have with China is NOT free trade. It is Mercantilism vs Open Markets, and in those cases the open market is always absorbed by the mercantilist.

    The “easy fix” is just to have a single trade policy: “Our rules of trade will reflect yours.”. Or “Generous Tit For Tat”. So China demands partners? We demand THEY put factories here… The threaten a tariff? We start tariff legislation. They back off tariffs, we back off. Etc. This is a variation on my general “Be The Mirror” philosophy of dealing with people… Or “Goose, meet Gander”…

    They go into a lot more detail, and all of that is important, but the basis is really pretty simple. NEVER EVER accept an asymmetrical deal where the other guy has an advantage.

    I regularly reviewed contracts for my departments for all sorts of ‘deals’. One of my favorite “tactics” was to just go through the whole contract and anywhere it said “The Buyer” put “both companies” and anywhere it said “The Seller” put ‘both companies’… Right Quick all sorts of crap would be taken out of the contract 😉

    China is an asymmetrical deal merchantilist. Trump intends to make it at least a symmetrical win-win deal (if not a “USA wins”…) and Free & Fair Markets, not mercantilist vs Open Market.



    …Here’s a little insider something for those who have been with us all along; and perhaps for those who are just now realizing what has taken place.

    The reality is: Donald Trump was our Tea Party candidate. Go back and look at the platform, it’s identical to the platform of the original Tea Party (small government, fiscal conservatism, Main Street not Wall Street, and strong immigration controls/enforcement)….

    Back in 2010 Donohue made it his personal mission to destroy the Tea Party because we represented an existential threat to his Wall Street scheme. Donohue usurped the American electorate through a scheme he developed with the GOPe, specifically with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

    Important: READ THIS Part I – and then – READ THIS Part II….

  10. Mark,
    Word press is now vanishing comments includingBr!etbart, @lex Jones, and now E.M. Smith Please pass that on to them and Sun Dance as well as others.

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