The path to liberty

On this Christmas day in 2016 I would like to share a few random thoughts about seeking a path to liberty. My Twitter feed is full of liberty seekers arguing with each other over the silliest of things. I even saw that some young idiot calling himself an “anarchist” actually called Murray N. Rothbard a racist. A racist! Jesus on a stick, what fools show up in my Twitter feed. Anyway, this short post is about freedom and liberty — and how we might get there.

Society is necessary for mankind to rise above the primitive “cave man” state. We have to have division of labor to build anything close to a functioning, prosperous society. Government does not yield society, government retards and kills society.

“You cannot truly have a compassionate community, without consent and choice.  Socialism cannot build community as long as it is hierarchical. Community must be neighbor to neighbor, peer to peer. Community must be chosen consensually, not coerced.”
Mike Margolies

While I agree totally with Mr. Margolies that socialism can not build community, I would go further and point out that no government can build community or society. It is the state itself that keeps us at war with one another and injures society in direct proportion to its interventions into the laissez-faire free market. (we don’t have that in America today of course)

“Most libertarians have a hard time remembering: the enemy is the state.  This isn’t about smoking pot or gay marriage or open borders or limited government or more efficient government.  It is about killing the beast known as the state.  It cannot be killed by physical force – they have bigger guns.  It can only be killed by ideas, and since much of the audience doesn’t really grasp (or doesn’t agree with) the ideas, the next best thing is to strip the state of any semblance of legitimacy.
Political decentralization is libertarian theory put into practice.  A great step would be 50 sovereign states; a better step would be 3000 sovereign counties; even better would be 100 million sovereign households, but I don’t want to sound greedy.”
Bionic Mosquito

For my friends out there who have understood the message of Rothbard and so many others that the state is a “gang of thieves writ large” and that the state is the eternal enemy of a free, prosperous, and peaceful society: I hope you understand that we must beat down the state in any way we can.

The question is: how do we get rid of the state? Well, those who are thinking and have been observing the world for more than a few days realize that going from a world full of totalitarian states of various flavors to functioning anarchy is not going to happen by new year’s day. It is not going to happen in 2017. It is going to take some time.

Bionic Mosquito’s  message of decentralization to 50 sovereign states is a wonderful thought for America but that is not going to happen soon ether. I would welcome that breakup as the best news since the fall of the USSR, but I am not betting on that happening anytime soon.

So do we give up? No. We must be realistic and take any move toward freedom and liberty that we can. We need to fight for the right of states to leave the Union. We must fight for the 10th amendment which allows the various states to keep power away from the central government. Does that mean I trust Florida? Of course not. But I would rather be ruled by Florida than by the tyrants in Washington D.C.

Until any breakup of the US government occurres, we must fight on all fronts to reduce the power of the central state over the people. We must fight against taxes, regulations, mandates, public schooling, drug laws, militarization of the police, aggressive foreign policy leading to never ending wars, and all the rest of the state’s evil.

It is not a violation of the Non-Aggression principle to use the state against itself whenever we can. The state is pure force and aggression itself. The state aggressed against us first and continues to do so. If a vote comes up to legalize a drug then going to the polls and voting for legalization is perfectly defensible in our quest for more liberty. The state has ruined millions of lives with the insane “war on drugs” (war on some drugs) and anything we can do to end it is morally correct for the radical libertarian.

“Politics is of its very nature is biased in favor of intervention and planning. Even in its ‘minarchist’ or ‘night-watchman’ version, politics is based at root on the idea that some decisions must be made coercively and imposed on unwilling minorities – or even majorities, as the case may be. This is contrary to the principle we observe in private life every day: the consent of both parties is necessary for a transaction to take place.”
Lew Rockwell

We should not fall into the trap that just because we use the vote to make a drug legal or to stop some other state crime that we trust the state. No. We take what wins we can get and then demand ever more until the state is crushed beneath our feet.

This monstrous police state that is the USA started out as a “night watchman” small government in the style that the Classical Liberals thought would be constrained and controlled by the Constitution. I think we can all agree that the USA is in no way bound by the constitution — it is all in the interpretation you see. And who gets to interpret the constitution? Why the state itself gets to interpret the constitution. The failure of the experiment in a minarchist government does not seem to have registered on my minarchist friends. They still seem to think that some “night watchman” government can be instituted without it gaining ever more power over the people as time goes on. Nothing as blind as those who will not see.

We need allies in this fight given that about half of the nation receives salaries, welfare, incentives, and many other bribes from the state. There is no shame in allying ones self with mini-arch types or even with conservatives in the pursuit of reducing government power. Just remember that we will not always be on their side since they are still deluded into thinking that the state has some necessary uses. They don’t realize that the state is our main enemy; but they may well see the light as we move closer to eliminating the power of the state. After all, only a total fool would not welcome a mini-state like the USA at its beginning over the totalitarian state that it has become.

Our main enemy in this age is the modern so-called liberal who thinks that government exists to enforce their crazy ideas on the rest of the world. The idea of “social democracy” is just Marxism in nicer clothes. We must use whatever allies we can find to beat back the cultural Marxists who would see the whole world under their totalitarian rule.

The enemy often calls themselves “progressives” or “left-wing” but they are against any real progress. They don’t even know where progress comes from.


“Progressivism is a cartel. It is breaking down. It wins only by default. Its political leaders no longer inspire confidence. Yet the whole movement has been a massive confidence game for over a century: faith in bureaucracy. That faith is waning. So are new revenue sources to support the existing programs, which are all running deficits.
They promised a new world order. It’s the same old order: power grabbing and tax grabbing.”
Gary North

We must tolerate a “big tent” libertarianism and we must use strategic alliances with conservatives and others to win the war against progressives and other socialists that we have been losing for two centuries.



3 thoughts on “The path to liberty

    • “*dismisses critics who point out that white people are all complicit in racism*”

      Now isn’t that a great piece of logic since it is WHITE PEOPLE who actually fought and died to kill slavery while it was AFRICANS and muslims (the barbary pirates) who were the slavers of not just africans but also whites by raiding as far north as England.

      Not only that it was a WHITE MALE, James Watt, inventer of the first decent steam engine, that freed 90% of humanity from serfdom and lives that were NAST BRUTAL and SHORT. You know the same type of serfdom, without cheap energy, the Progressives are trying to shove us all back into.

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