I have been a Rothbardian Anarcho-Capitalist (or market anarchist) for 40 years. I blog mainly about government, society and libertarian philosophy. I have always been deeply anti-war and that was a driving force in my conversion to anarchy as I see all governments sooner or later using force, fraud, and coercion against their own citizens and war against the citizens of other countries. It is high time we return to believing that we should “live and let live”.

Most of the posts on this blog are relatively short and I try to make the concepts I am talking about as simple as I can. There are plenty of bloggers who do “long form” explanations of economics or society but I don’t try to do that. I try to write often and keep it short and sweet. I hope you get something of value here.

My e-mail is mark.stoval AT gmail.com and my twitter account is @MarkStoval

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