Will Green Politics soon be a thing of the Past?

Someone asked on the internet if “green politics” will soon be a thing of the past. After all, the earth has not warmed any for approximately 18 years while at the same time the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has skyrocketed, thus disproving the wild idea that CO2 will somehow kill us all. But even if the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming scare dies off, will “green politics” be a thing of the past? No, it will not. The ability of the greens to use our love of nature to control us may well abate in the near future but they will continue to be a force for a long, long time.


Part of the reason is that most people want a clean planet and love wildlife. We want clean air, clean water, and all the other warm and fuzzy things that go with good environmental stewardship. The greens play on that desire for good conservation practices to slip in their socialist dreams of total control.

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule. ~ H. L. Mencken

The greens also have a very, very powerful co-conspirator in all of this. Politicians and bureaucrats love power over the “mundane” unwashed masses more than life itself. The greens offer “saving the planet” to the state’s minions as a cover for their raw power grabbing. It is all for your own good don’t you know.

The press is another powerful co-conspirator. The lazy people in the mainstream media are in reality just printing and mouthing government press releases. You have to dig deep into the alternative press to find out the truth surrounding the green’s claims that CO2 is a dangerous poison that will destroy life on this planet if it passes a certain “tipping point”.

Recall that catastrophic anthropogenic global warming was not the first scare coming out of the watermelons. (watermelon = green on the outside and red on the inside) Once upon a time, DDT was going to wipe out all bird life and was said to have driven the bald eagle to the point of near extinction. And whatever happened to worrying about the “ozone hole”? I am sure others reading here could name many other examples dating back before the CAGW hysteria.

Also, notice that the EPA is formulating a tsunami of new regulations as I write this according to recent reports. The war against the greens’ socialistic agenda will go on for a long time I am afraid.

The IPCC and a few climate facts to think about

I have read all of these facts over time at various places, but Christopher Monckton of England was kind enough to put them all into a nice little list that he posted in a comment thread someplace a while back. I edited the list (all errors are mine and not his) and then saved the list some months ago. I thought I would share the list with those that stumble across this little back water blog.

This list is just a few facts concerning the IPCC and its predictions of catastrophic human caused global warming over the next century due to mankind’s use of energy which is releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

1) RSS satellite temperature data shows no global warming for 17 years 8 months from August 1996 to March 2014. Those 212 months are half the 423-month record since January 1979.

2) The fastest 100-year warming rate was recorded in Central England from 1663-1762, at 0.9 Cº per century – before the industrial revolution began.

3) The global warming trend since 1900 is equivalent to 0.8 Cº per century. This is well within the warming trend since the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850 and is natural variation rather than the work of CO2.

4) The fastest warming trend lasting ten years or more occurred over the 40 years from 1694-1733 in Central England, equivalent to 4.3 Cº per century.

5) The fastest warming rate in industrial times lasting ten years or more occurred over the 33 years from 1974 to 2006 at a rate equivalent to approximately 2 Cº per century.

6) Since 1950, when a human influence on global temperature first became theoretically possible according to the UN IPCC (United Nations InterGovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the global warming trend is equivalent to just 1.2 Cº per century.

7) In 1990, the IPCC’s mid-range prediction of the near-term warming trend was equivalent to 3.5 Cº per century.

8) The global warming trend since 1990, when the IPCC wrote its first report, is equivalent to 1.4 Cº per century – two-fifths of what the IPCC had then predicted.

9) In 2013 the IPCC’s new mid-range prediction of the near-term warming trend was for warming at a rate equivalent to 1.7 Cº per century – just half its 1990 prediction.

10) Though the IPCC has cut its near-term warming prediction, it has not cut its 100 year warming prediction of 3.7 Cº warming to 2100.

11) The IPCC’s prediction of 3.7 Cº warming by 2100 is more than twice the greatest rate of warming lasting more than ten years that has been measured since 1950.

12) The IPCC’s predicted 3.7 Cº by 2100 and that rate is more than three times the observed real-world warming trend rate since 1950 when the IPCC says mankind began effecting the climate.

13) Since 2000 the warming trend on the mean of five datasets is zero. At 0.0 Cº per century we see no warming for over 14 years even as CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have skyrocketed.

14) Recent extreme weather cannot be blamed on global warming, because there has not been any global warming. Besides, there has been no “extreme” weather that we have not seen many times before in our history. In fact, the recent past has been mild compared to past times.

The takeaway message in all this is that the CO2 drives climate model has failed utterly. Mother nature has run a giant experiment over the last 15 to 18 years in which CO2 was added to the atmosphere at a fast rate and we see that after adding all that CO2, there has been no increase in global temperatures. Even using the government’s official data-tampered “adjusted” data sets prepared by the state’s own minions we see no rise in temperature. So, CO2 is not driving the climate and is not a reason to dismantle our industrial economy.

And finally, a little chart made from data from a single long term site in the middle of England. I think this picture is worth a thousand words:

Click to enlarge

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Catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is a left-wing scam to fleece you of your money and to control you. Don’t buy into the fraud.

Does the government tamper with historical climate data?

There is a poll out that says that 53% of Americans don’t believe in Man-Made Global Warming. I think most of those skeptical 53% would agree that temperatures go up and down and I think most of the skeptical 53% would likely agree that mankind’s activities has some impact on weather and climate. After all, deforestation of a region will most certainly effect its climate. But if we look at the temperature record from 1900 until today can we come to any conclusions? We might be able to if the data record is honest and reliable. But is it? Would government run agencies who are in charge of the data sets manipulate the data? Would a bureaucrat lie? (on a related note: would a politician lie?)

The entire debate over “global warming” has been filled with mindless drivel and misinformation. As an example, the Antarctica just set an all-time record for June 27 sea ice extent with the highest anomaly ever recorded and at the same the UK’s The Independent newspaper responds with “Half of emperor penguins could be ‘wiped out by end of the century’ due to melting sea ice” Yes, I suppose anything is possible but as we have more ice than ever recorded, one would think that lack of ice is not what those cute little Penguins need to worry about.

One of the most interesting developments recently has been the uproar over NOAA’s continually changing the historical data record of temperatures as explained here. The documenting of blatant fraud by the federal drones in charge of the historical temperature data set has long been the providence of a blog named “Real Science“. A few days ago the host posted this graph in a post where he asked just how bad is the USHCN tampering?:

ts-ushcn_anom25_diffs_urb-raw_pgUSHCN stands for United States Historical Climate Network and is the data set of historical records for our nation. Should this data set be tampered with?

As it turns out, the government minions at NOAA will “adjust” the historical records of the long ago past and reduce the recorded temperatures downwards which then makes the present temperatures seem hotter by comparison. Hence any trend-line drawn though the data will make the slope ever more positive and look ever more alarming.

The most amazing thing that happened over the weekend though was the revelation that the temperature data sets are “adjusted” on a continuing basis! Whatever you read in the data set about 1939 today will change by tomorrow! By next year you will not be about to recognize it!

ts-ushcn_anom25_diffs_pgzombie stationsIn “More News On USHCN Temperature Adjustments” where he was looking at some specific sites, Paul Homewood observed:

For instance, January 2013 has changed from 10.79C to 10.88C. Even months this year have changed. I have not done a full check, but it appears earlier years in the record have changed as well.

It seems that nowadays actual temperature data no longer matters, only what the computer decides it should be.

And they call it “science”!

You should be aware that Steve Goddard for a long time has been running a series of posts about the large and unexplained adjustments being made to the US temperature record by NOAA. A good example would be his post here. That post lead Paul Homewood to look in detail at Luling, Texas. As he put it:

So, I thought it might be worth looking in more detail at a few stations, to see what is going on. In Steve’s post, mentioned above, he links to the USHCN Final dataset for monthly temperatures, making the point that approx 40% of these monthly readings are “estimated”, as there is no raw data.

From this dataset, I picked the one at the top of the list, (which appears to be totally random), Station number 415429, which is Luling, Texas.

What he found was that the various “adjustments”, “estimations” and “infilling” of bogus data in place of the raw observations have added an astonishing 1.35C to the annual temperature for 2013. At the same time the figures for 1934 show that the adjustment has reduced temperatures that year by 0.91C. The combined effect has been to create out of thin air an apparent 2.26C of warming.

I don’t see how this could be any clearer. Infilling of fabricated temperatures is causing the vast majority of reported warming since 1990. The reason I see this and others don’t – is because I use the actual data reported by USHCN exactly as it is reported. ~Goddard

Now Paul Homewood has found the same sort of shenanigans in the Alabama USHCN records as well.

Just as with Kansas, we find that there is a substantial adjustment, this time of 1.34F. Excluding the odd outlier at Brewton , the average jumps to 1.58F, very similar to the Kansas figure. ~ Paul Homewood

Note that NOAA is changing the records of the far distance past with this data manipulation and they do it on a continuing basis. Homewood found that every time he went back to look the records have been modified. Heck, it even happened on the weekend! It would seem that the data fraud never rests. All this is on top of the problem of them “estimating” for non-reporting stations that have been taken out of service years ago. Yes, they really do have “zombie stations” reporting long after the station has died.

It has been determined that if you look at the raw temperature record for the U.S. from 1900 until the present time and use sites that have been continually reporting and have not had urban heat sources spring up around them (think airports) then you discover there has been no warming. And yet the EPA just announced rules based on the myth of “man-made global warming” that will make energy prices skyrocket. The poor, as always, will be hardest hit in many ways. The most obvious hard hit will be in heating bills.

On top of that, it has been pointed out by many that the US temperature record is the most complete and reliable. The spotty global record is more easily manipulated by the fear mongering alarmists with all their grant money and influence. Indeed, because the US record is more reliable, it is quite likely that the US record is actually a better reflection of the global reality than the global record itself. That is one very sad state of affairs. The U.S. record is the best, while at the same time we know it to be blatantly fraudulent and unreliable.

Consider this report of NASA tampering with temperatures in Iceland.

In this guest post, Magnus Cederlöf shows how GISS “homogenized” a constant temperature from the 1950’s – 2000’s in Iceland to a rising temperature. One is amazed at the craftsmanship!

Can anyone who understands the coersive, fraudulent nature of the state be surprised at any of this?



A Word on Climate

I don’t often mention “global warming” here, as I am more interested in liberty, political philosophy, and the Austrian School brand of economics but I do turn to the climate wars once in a while. Today is one of those days and I want to catch up with a few things.

First, I notice that some pundits have made the point that modern day environmentalism is collapsing since far too many of the original conservation organizations have been hijacked by climate activists with agendas at total odds to those of the organization’s founders. We should not be surprised that support for these organizations have declined as they have ditched their original missions. At present the climate alarmists are desperately floundering around looking for a new proof of catastrophic man-made global warming (now re-branded as “climate change”)  as a result of rising carbon dioxide levels. Let us look at a few of their latest “proofs”.

1. Polar bears were claimed to be in great danger due to rising temperatures. And yet, these bears are thriving and not starving to death as predicted. There are twice as many polar bears as there were 40 years ago. Doubling is not dying out. (that last for the arithmetic challenged among us)

2. The ice caps are claimed to be melting which will drown us all. The problem there is that the ice at the Antarctic pole is growing and setting records for extent while the recent decline in Arctic ice has gone into sharp reverse and is growing at an astonishing rate at present.

3. Sea levels are supposed to be rising but the monitoring agencies have to add a fudge factor just to make the sea level rise the same as it has been since it started back in the 1850s. Even with the fudge factor the sea level has recently been slowing according to the government agencies. Certainly there is nothing alarming to see in sea levels.

4. The alarmists point out that glaciers are melting. That some glaciers are melting is true and that has been going on since that process started this time back in the 1850s at the end of the little ice age. (overall, glaciers have been melting since the end of the last glacial era about 12,000 years ago)

5. The alarmists claim that the oceans are acidifying but we have no historical data for comparison since the ocean pH was not measured until recently. We do have wild eyed speculations — but that is not science now is it? Besides, CO2 would not be the cause of the oceans becoming more acidic anyway.

6. The best alarmist claim is that the surface temperatures are rising. The global temperatures have indeed risen since the end of the little ice age in the 1850s and may we thank the gods for that. It is said that the average global temperature has risen by around 0.7 degrees C over the past century and that most of the rise occurred before anthropogenic CO2 could have been the culprit. This situation is not alarming even before we consider that there has been massive data manipulation in the historic temperature records and that a 17 year ‘pause’ in rising temperatures is still going on.

The entire alarmist “the planet is going to fry” movement is a fraud. Mankind has darn little effect on global temperatures. Consider that it is an historical fact that around 1,000 AD the English were growing wine grapes, and producing wines from the grapes, on the England/Scottish border. This wine so produced in that time period rivaled the wines produced in France. Today the English can not grow grapes in that region. Obviously the Medieval Warming Period was much warmer than today. Another fact is that around the same time period the Vikings were settling and living in Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland. The area was warm enough for these colonies to thrive until about 1,400 AD when the start of the little ice age lead to their demise. From about 1,400 AD to about 1,850 AD, the little ice age caused Europe to experience numerous harsh, cold and damaging winters, years and decades. Crop failures, famines and plagues reduced the population of Europe by more than half.

A retired Canadian health inspector once explained that his job had been to ensure that perishable food for sale was stored at the required temperatures. To do this his employer provided a “state of the art” digital thermometer that was regularly certified as accurate as the readings might need to be used in legal proceedings. This instrument was a $1500 thermometer and it was a real precision instrument. The thermometer had a guaranteed accuracy of plus or minus 0.1 degrees C which is ten times less accuracy than the “GLOBAL Temperature Anomalies” which is claimed to be measured in 0.01 C accuracy in government data sets which have at best +- 0.5 C accuracy. The older mercury in glass max/min thermometers aren’t going to be any more accurate and they are still in use today. Additionally, the older historical temperatures in the data set were measured to at best half a degree. Where do these modern “scientists” get their magical accuracy from instruments that are orders of magnitude less accurate? (they failed 8th grade science?)

Besides all the above information, I think that in order to believe that the planet’s global climate is being warmed dangerously by human C02 emissions we must deny the five contradictions at least:

1. Ice cores from glaciers show that throughout history, changes in C02 follows changes in temperature (lags behind), and not the other way around.

2. The warmer surface (land and oceans) heats up the cooler atmosphere, and not the other way around.

3. The earth is warmed to an average temperature of 15C because solar energy is retained in the oceans and released slowly upward against the pressure of the atmosphere, and not because of any heat trapped by gases in the atmosphere.

4. Forty years of satellite data show that outgoing infrared radiation (IR) from the top of the atmosphere has been constant, and not decreased with higher CO2 levels.

5. In the last 17+ years there has been no additional surface warming and with even some small decline at the same time as CO2 has continued to rise dramatically in the atmosphere.

St+James's+Park+And finally, I find it interesting that the whole “greenhouse gases effect” has change dramatically in my lifetime to support the alarmist viewpoint. When I studied science in college back in the 70’s we were taught that the “Greenhouse Effect” was obviously a consequence of atmospheric pressure. Science then taught that the high pressure at the surface of Venus was the cause of the heat at the surface and likewise the earth’s atmosphere was instrumental in our surface temperature due to atmospheric pressure. It was then accepted science that atmospheric pressure was the critical factor in accordance with the established science of the Gas Laws. Then came the idea that a trace gas could warm the surface of the planet to a higher temperature than the sun. Occam’s razor was tossed out the window.

The entire “catastrophic global warming” scare has been produced to wreck the economies of the industrialized nations and to further empower the governments to control the economies. There is no catastrophic man-made global warming to be worried about. Instead, worry about the socialists that are running the governments and seek to enslave you. That, my friends, is worth your worry.

CO2 sense and nonsense

Once in awhile I write about the government control freaks and their “global warming is going to kill us all” scam. Since the IPCC political atrocity called the AR5 is just out I decided it was time for another post on the climate scare mongering. I keep notes on things that I have seen here and there and the following is a compilation of a few of those notes. Some of the words are all mine, and some are paraphrases of those by skeptics that I have read. I hope you find something of value in this small rant.

If you pay attention to the facts and not the alarmist delusions about CO2 you are certain to find that their hysterical nonsense always gets slaughtered by the facts. Any appeals to bought-and-paid-for ‘authorities’ is über-lame, because Planet Earth disagrees with them.

For example, you see people opine:

Each decade is warmer than the last, the polar bears are drowning, the arctic ice is melting … and so on

Arctic ice has melted before and it will melt again, yet the polar bears survived or else they would not be here. When the melt happened in the past it was not due to human activity, and it will not be due to human activity when it happens again because CO2 has nothing to do with it. On net balance, CO2 is harmless, and beneficial to the biosphere. Falsify that testable hypothesis if you can.

Global temperatures have been extremely, unusually mild for the past century and a half, yet the fraudsters of “climate science” find ways to scare the population. The periodic step changes in global temperature are completely natural, and they occur regularly as admitted even by arch-alarmist Phil Jones. Note that the same warming has taken place repeatedly, and during times when CO2 was very low. What does that fact do to the theory that a trace gas controls the planet’s temperature and a bit more of it is going to kill us all?

Let us look back a few hundred years in climate history and look at the temperatures recorded. As you can see there is nothing unusual or unprecedented happening.


Current temperatures are routine, and lower than in recent past decades. The reality is that we have been fed nonsense. Planet Earth (you know — reality) which is the ultimate Authority has been busy debunking the self-serving ‘experts’ who couldn’t predict their way out of a wet paper bag if their grants depended on it. Everything observed today is fully explained by natural climate variability. The Null Hypothesis has never been falsified — unlike the catastrophic AGW nonsense.

One thing  missing in the alarmist’s scare stories about “global warming” is a proper timescale. Over the past 10,000 years (the current Holocene epoch) has been progressively cooling since the early “climate optimum”. Overall in the 10,000 years the world has cooled gradually by about 1.0 °C. There were however well documented temperature high points during the period, including the Minoan, Roman and Medieval warm periods. The most recent period of 1000 – 2000 AD is the coolest millennium of the whole epoch


As for this recent, short, 30-yr period of slight warming which ended in the mid 1990s, the Earth experienced it’s 2nd and 3rd strongest solar cycles since 1715 which marked the end of the strongest 63-yr string of solar cycles in 11,400 years, FIVE El Nino events including the largest Super El Nino ever recorded, a 30-year PDO warming cycle and the start of a 30-yr AMO warming period. And the CAGW alarmist “scientists” want us forget that there hasn’t been ANY statistically significant global warming trend since 1995, despite 1/3rd of ALL man-made CO2 emissions since 1750 were made since 1995.

As we consider the above let us also recall that dozens of governments are paying scientists all over the world to falsify results and “adjust” the temperature record. It is amazing that all “adjustments” cool the past and warm the present to create the illusion of warming. And yet, even so, we have seen no warming for the last 18 years or so. Unfortunately, scientists who don’t bow to the government mandated line on the CO2 scare are risking their careers. Google up Lysenko or Lysenkoism to see that this is not a brand new phenomenon in science. Peter Ferrara writes in Forbes magazine about the similarities between Lysenkoism and Global Warming.

Should we listen to the “experts” any more who tell us that hurricanes are increasing in number and intensity, even as the plain facts are quite the opposite? We have had one of the mildest periods for hurricanes and tornadoes this last decade in our history. When did a cat 3 or stronger hurricane last hit the U.S.?  Even the MSM has had to admit the intensity and frequency of tornadoes has been in the basement for two years. Since CO2 computer climate models all predicted the exact opposite, one would think that a “scientist” would see that the hypothesis has failed the test of reality.

I once saw someone ask that if reality has debunked the alarmist’s theories then why are the “scientists” not “on it”? It is because the world’s so-called climate scientists are being paid billions of dollars to make CO2 and CAGW the propaganda campaign that it started as, stayed, and will likely remain until those so-called scientists stop denying the science and the measurements. Governments give huge amounts of money to support the agencies and the scientists and the research that will provide those governments the answers they want and the taxes they are desperate for.

The government programs that have come from this mindless fear of a trace gas needed for life on our planet is impoverishing the western world. The current global warming is largely natural and cannot be stopped by denying men life, food, fuel, fodder, feed, and energy for safe water, clean air, and efficient farming. Unless we, like many in the CAGW sphere, want men to die a short life of pain, illness, starvation, thirst, and cold we must stop this mindless attack on our energy sources. Global warming has been natural in the past, and was not affected by man either stopping nor starting. In the future, global warming will continue to be unaffected by man’s release of fertilizer for all plants and life on the planet.

We have been fortunate to be living in a “Goldilocks” climate. With any luck, that will continue for a while longer. We are much better off than the poor sods who had to live through the Little Ice Age. The LIA is universally recognized by real climate authorities even if the alarmist crowd hates the LIA because it destroys their religious belief in the magic “carbon” molecule. But the fact is that the LIA was one of the coldest episodes of the entire 10,700 year Holocene. It cannot be wished away; it happened — and it happened when CO2 was much lower than now. Has it warmed since then? Thank the gods — yes it has!

Just like the Medieval Warm Period and the Minoan Warming, when the planet warmed significantly more than it has currently, and when CO2 was very low. Those facts show conclusively that with a static, low CO2 level, the planet warms and cools naturally — and much more than it has over the past century with high CO2.

The entire AGW scare is based on the demonization of “carbon”. But verifiable, real world facts and evidence show that the alarmist view is completely wrong. This, my friends, is a government backed fraud and scare.