The Trump supporter as ally (#2 in LLS)

I have changed the title in the series a bit to shorten the length of the title and to be more specific. Also, I wanted to get Donald Trump’s name in the title since he is the biggest name in politics at the moment. Last post I mentioned “good guys” and “bad guys” and even some others. Today let us look at the Trump supporter and see what we can do with this bunch. Can we find allies to fight for liberty and freedom?

I think the “Trump People” are potential allies just like the supporters of Ron Paul were in the election cycles of 2008 and 2012. Some of the Trump supporters are actual libertarians. For example, Walter Block and his “Libertarians for Trump” movement are certainly libertarian. Note that Dr. Block was a close associate of Murray Rothbard and is often thought of as the leading Rothbardian in this country. So, some “Trump People” are libertarians or even anarchists. These people already “hate the state” and are on our side.

It appears that many of the “rank and file” of the Republican Party are backing Trump. These people are all over the board on their defense of liberty. Some are fooled into thinking we really should have our military stationed all over the world — for our “defense” they say. Many of them are four square in favor of the horrific drug war that is an absolute failure. I think these groups can be reached by the tactic of explaining how their goals might be laudable but the results have proven to be counter productive. We need to educate them on the horrors of American Foreign Policy and on the horrors of the Drug War.

I readily concede that many Trump supporters are nowhere close to Ron Paul on foreign policy or anything else for that matter. For many libertarians, our philosophy would reject military interventionism on its face. The same goes with making what a person chooses to ingest a crime. But often the philosophical approach does not go well, so, we should try to point out the utter failure of what we are doing now: how it hurts our society and how it makes us and our children less safe. I think many of the Trump people will already agree with us on this or be an easy convert. After all, the candidate they are supporting has attacked the US foreign policy in the middle east and the goading of Russia, plus he does not seem to be a drug warrior at all.

Walter Block said of Trump that, “he could get along with Putin; that he wanted to end NATO; that we were mistaken to get into the Middle East; that US soldiers should leave Korea, German, Japan, etc.  He said of dictators Saddam Hussain and Muammar Ghadafi, sure, they were monsters, but at least they fought the far-worse ISIL type terrorists!” In other words, Trump was against American foreign policy as it has been for at least the last 30 years. His followers would listen to us as we point out that military interventions are the worst part of the Empires’ evils.

Many of the Trump people have flocked to back Trump based on his protectionist polices. Those of us who understand economics (Austrian Economics of course) know that his protectionist policies are wrong on many levels, but compared to military interventionism this is a policy that we can hammer on at a later time.

When put in this way, it is clear that The Donald is the most congruent with our perspective. This is true, mainly because of foreign policy. And, of the three, foreign policy, economic policy and person liberties, the former is the most important. As Murray Rothbard and Bob Higgs have demonstrated over and over again, US foreign policy determines what occurs in economics and in the field of personal liberties. Foreign policy is the dog that wags the other two tails. ~ Walter Block

Trump supporters and Trump himself have been decent at least on personal liberties. Trump is no prude who wants to get into everyone’s personal life. I suspect that his broad coalition of people who are mad as hell at the ruling elite have no special desire to enforce any particular behavior codes other than “live and let live”.

I think we can attempt to get the Trump followers to understand that it is the state itself that they are rebelling against. I have seen many of them indicate that they are in favor of the style of government that this country was founded upon. That would be a belief in Classical Liberalism even if they don’t know that is what they believe.

“Classical liberalism” is the term used to designate the ideology advocating private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and international peace based on free trade. Up until around 1900, this ideology was generally known simply as liberalism. The qualifying “classical” is now usually necessary, in English-speaking countries at least (but not, for instance, in France), because liberalism has come to be associated with wide-ranging interferences with private property and the market on behalf of egalitarian goals. This version of liberalism — if such it can still be called — is sometimes designated as “social,” or (erroneously) “modern” or the “new,” liberalism. Here we shall use liberalism to signify the classical variety.  ~ Ralph Raico

As an anarcho-capialist, I think that the Classical Liberals were wrong in that they believed that some government was needed and they could keep the state constrained by a constitution. But we now see that the government they founded just kept growing until it swamped the original liberals and is now the police state we live under. But if the first step toward finding a way to dispatch the state, or to put magic chains around the beast until it is no longer a threat, then working with other groups towards a minimal state is fine with me.

The palpable anger of the Trump supporters towards the state is anger we love to see. They are mad as hell at our ancient enemy the state and we can find allies in the Trump camp. We will have to be careful and not attack them on all the issues that we differ on. We need to celebrate those aspects were we agree. Mostly we need to agree that the status quo is evil!

The leader of Le Pen said, “Populist parties across Europe — and beyond — have gained traction in recent years, with their alarm over immigration and attacks on the political “elite” resonating strongly with voters.” The populist supporters of Donald Trump are looking for right-wing policies. In that “right-wing” policies are those that support private property rights then we can find much in common with Trump supporters since all “human rights” are property rights as Murray Rothbard pointed out countless times.

We must build anti-government coalitions and defang the police state before it becomes a tyranny worse than the USSR ever hoped to be.