Make-Work Programs and the MIC

The military industrial complex in general, and Lockheed Martin in particular, now have a replacement vehicle for the famous Hummer. It is called the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and is billed as a breakthrough in fighting in those insurgencies in other countries that the U.S. seems to always be involved in. The Empire will be bringing this vehicle to the latest invasions, brutal occupations and other attacks on innocent women and children throughout the world.


This “light” vehicle weighs seven tons and costs nearly a half million dollars a copy. It is advertised to have better bomb blast protection than the Hummer it replaces and should allow the evil Empire to chase its prey with even less worries about getting its mercenaries and soldiers killed or maimed. They will build this monstrosity by the thousands and Lockheed Martin and all its subcontractors will make billions in profits. And don’t forget the jobs. Thousands upon thousands of jobs for the civilians who help Uncle Sam kill brown people worldwide. As a side benefit, the Department of Defense (the war department) will have far more of the Hummers to donate to local police forces nationwide to use against the people as this new vehicle makes the Hummer obsolete. Yes, the people paying for all this will be the target of the program also. Karma, my friend, Karma.

Jobs. As most of my readers know, the military-industrial complex sells these multi-billion dollar weapons systems as jobs programs. They put subcontracting parts of these programs in as many states as they can to guarantee support by the congress representatives of these districts and states.

If the central government was not staffed almost one hundred percent by economic illiterates they would understand that this massive intervention into the market does not make jobs but rather it destroys jobs. But even the Keynesian fools in the central government should realize that if make-work jobs is what you want then there are much easier ways to provide these “jobs”. If nothing else the central government could issue everyone a shovel and pay them to dig holes and then fill them back in. Think of the many new shovel factories that would be built! And all those high paid shovel-soldiers working night and day to meet the five year plan.

The central government has long been enamored of the Keynesian gospel that only a strong government with high deficit spending could keep a market economy running. But why do these idiots have to spend their stolen loot (tax money) on war machines? Hell, lets make children’s toys instead; at least that would produce something useful and not kill anyone in the process.

The real answer to our economic woes is to remove all anti-competitive laws, regulations, taxes, and fees from the marketplace. A real free-market, not the fascist facsimile that we have now, would bring prosperity and harmony to the society. Prosperity? Yes, it was the classically liberal laissez-fair free markets that built the wealth of the west in the first place. It worked even though there was never a totally free market. It is time to let the people and their ingenuity re-build the society and stop killing people as a jobs program.

Because mankind’s wants can never be satisfied, there is always work to be done. We live in a universe of wants and needs always exceeding what is available to satisfy those wants and needs. Not only is there always work to be done, there is always productive work to be done. We don’t need “make-work” jobs programs. There should be no mass unemployment nor should there be “jobs programs”. Indeed, there should always be a shortage of available human labor.

Then why is mass unemployment such a problem? If there is always work to be done then why do we see high unemployment rates decade after decade? It is because the central government intervenes in the market at every point. We have child labor laws preventing teenagers the right to work. We have minimum wage laws that prevent the least qualified from finding any work that they can do. We have laws, rules, regulations, fees, barriers to entry, and all manner of other anti-jobs legislation to keep the economy from preforming its function freely. We have, as anyone can see, a centrally planned economy. And like the U.S.S.R. we have a poorly preforming economy that leaves millions and millions of men and women without the hope of a decent job.

It is time to try a real jobs program. Dismantle the central government piece by piece and watch the economy take off.

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