Right-wing Populism to promote Libertarianism

With the last few posts I have been lurching towards answering this question: “how do we get the angry masses on our side”? Can we get the Donald Trump supporters on our side? (no matter if Trump wins or not) Can we get the Bernie Sanders people on our side? Can we get the average American who is just fed up with all the politics on our side?

And what side is that you might ask. (I would) The side I am talking about is reducing the size and scope of government as much as we can and as fast as we can. I especially want people on my side who are anti-interventionist as was the “old right” of the 30s and 40s along with the “new left” of the 60s. Anti-war sells in the realm of ideas once people understand the benefits of peace, and most do.

Murray Rothbard suggested that our course as libertarians is to employ populism:  right-wing populism. He believed, as I do, that a successful libertarian strategy will have to employ a heavy dose of populism. After all, libertarian theory and Austrian economics is not going to win the day unless the man you are trying to convert is willing to read, say,  Human Action by Mises and The Ethics of Liberty by Murray Rothbard.This is not going to happen with more than a tiny portion of the people we want to reach and bring to our side.

Successful populist messages must contain an answer to “what is in it for me”? So we have to show the people how they are getting ripped off and how our program will help stop that. We must show them that the corrupt ruling elites are cheating them and that our populist program will stop the bastards from cheating them.

We can stick to first principles and still have a popular message. We embrace right-wing populism and that will be the fastest way to show the man in the street that the state and all its lackeys are enslaving us. We do not have to try to convince the “man in the street” to adopt all of the program of hard-core, radical libertarianism like Rothbardian anarcho-capitalism. I will not deny that I wish everyone would read all of Mises and Rothbard as I have done as see where that leads one to — but that just is not going to happen. So, we try to get them to take baby steps towards reducing the size and scope of the state.

We must have a strategy that attempts two things. We must build up a legion of libertarian opinion leaders as well as small government wordsmiths in the press. The internet allows for a “new press” where we can get our allies heard by the common people. We must also go directly to the masses or the state’s propaganda legions will swamp us as they have always done. We must find a way, or many ways, to communicate directly. Communicating directly is crucial.

We must alert the people that the elites are the ones looting and oppressing them, both socially and economically. We can not attack the ruling class in the abstract as libertarians have so often done in the past. Taking a cue from Ron Paul’s great successes reaching people, we must show concrete ways the people are getting screwed right now by the state and all its minions.

What groups do we libertarians seek to reach out to? The answer is simple, we reach out to everyone, but more than that we must first seek to concentrate strategically on those groups who are most oppressed and who also have the most social leverage just as Rothbard told us years ago. Those people would be the “average” working class family and the people supporting Donald Trump right now. We hope to reach those who are already “right-wing” or at least leaning that way.

Most people are too busy living life and taking care of their families to have any free time to read Rothbard, Block, or read economic theory. So we have to keep our message easy to understand, beneficial to the people, and easy to sell. The message must be of things that are not that hard to adopt — we can’t sell utopia. Hell, I don’t believe in utopia, do you?

Ron Paul used: “End the Fed” and “Get out of the Middle East” in his two runs for president to enlist many new libertarians. I started this whole series after talking with one former progressive who is now “libertarian leaning” because of Ron Paul. So Ron won even though he lost at the polls. He won even with some on the left wing!


What would a right-wing populist program look like? I am not a politician nor an “opinion leader” but I think I have listened to enough populists over the years to come up with a system for today. Not a single idea below is my own. I have heard everything from someone else (often many others) over the years.


The right-wing populist program that will convince people to join us on the libertarian side must concentrate on dismantling the crucial existing areas of State and elite rule which have become a tyranny and are oppressing the people.  We must concentrate on liberating the average American from the most egregious features of the oppression of the state.

Some of these are obviously interrelated. You can not drastically slash taxes while running a military empires.

1) America First. A key point, and one that is being used in the present election cycle by Donald Trump with great effectiveness. The American economy is stagnating. Many cities are dying and the nation’s infrastructure is crumbling, all while we give money away to other countries and police the world at a cost of unimaginable amounts of money. Plus our foreign policy tends to make people hate us.

2) Bring all troops home. We are killing innocent men, women, and children overseas in countries that have never threatened us and have no ability to invade this country; other than by us allowing emigration of their people who would attack us via terrorism.

3) Slash Taxes. We would drastically cut all taxes.Sales taxes, income taxes, business taxes, and on and on. But especially the most oppressive tax ever devised: the income tax. We must abolish the IRS.

4) Slash Welfare. The welfare system has helped to destroy the family in this country and to keep the welfare class down. For God’s sake stop oppressing these people even as you claim to do them good. And besides that, we must end the welfare system to help keep people from coming here illegally just to get all the free stuff. Welfare was never intended to be a lure for illegals to come here.

5) Abolish Racial or Group Privileges. Abolish all racial or sexual preferences such as affirmative action. We should point out that the root of “victim class” quotas and so on is the entire “civil rights” structure, which tramples on the property rights of every American. A business owner’s property is not “public property”! It is private property.

6) Abolish the Fed. As Ron Paul pointed out so very well, the central bank is one of the state’s main ways of looting the common people of his country. The Fed will destroy us.

7) Take Back the Streets and end the Drug War: By ending the drug war and legalizing all drugs, we can then put the police to working on stopping rape, murder, theft and other crimes against the people. To hell with the state saying what I should be allowed to ingest into my body.

8) Defend The Family. Get the State out of the family, and replace State control with parental control. Make education a totally local thing and encourage private school by paying the tuition of private schools up to what it would cost to send the child to public school. Stop the indoctrination. We should also not force little girls to go to the bathroom with perverts.

9) All control to be as local as possible. Every act of government should be as close to the people as possible. There is no reason for the people of California or Florida to tell the people of New Hampshire how to conduct their business. If they want to allow public nudity, then that is their business and not mine.


.There is much else I could add to each of the above but the post runs long as it is and I expect to address various points in separate posts as time allows.

I will add that whatever government that is left, until we can privatize the whole edifice, that we should seek to run government in the manner most like a good business and to have the control as close to the people as possible. Local control would be a key point.

I realize that in building an alliance with right-wing populists we may have to compromise — this is politics after all — but to slash the size of the state I am willing to make compromises over present day policies as we move towards a state so small as to be unnoticeable.



10 thoughts on “Right-wing Populism to promote Libertarianism

  1. Trump seems the best bet. I have been following his rallies and the discussions at
    theconservativetreehouse(DOT)com It has a very large following

    You have a very few rigid evangelical types (More often found in the Ted Cruz Seven Mountains Dominionism clique) but almost all lean more libertarian. They are outraged by the Orlando killings and welcome gays, blacks, hispanics, asians…. Milo Yiannopoulos and his Dangerous Faggot Tour gets cheers and a piling on of e-mails, letters, phone calls and tweets when the ‘Protester’ (related to the top cop) disrupted a Milo Yiannopoulos event at DePaul University and the security HE PAID FOR refused to intervene. The university president was forced to resign as a result.

    The group pretty much understands the 2nd Amnendment is NOT about hunting but about protection, but does not get the 2nd is specifically about protection against a tyrantical government. (I really wish I was not banned by DISQUIS and GOOGLE so I could comment there.)

    Where we part ways is on the issue of abortion. I am old enought to remember the coat hanger abortion deaths and feel a woman owns her body. However if she hasn’t figured out she is pregant and wants an abortion within the first three months then she should have the kid. Some colleges are pushing ‘post birth abortion’ up to four years of age so there has to be a very hard line in the sand. At three month there is no question as to wether or not the fetus is viable. At six months and even five months it gets iffy. (Amillia Taylor is the world’s youngest premature baby ever to survive, and was born at just 21 weeks and six days – Five and 1/2 months)

    Luckily Trump says it is up to the states and the Supreme Court on many issues including abortion.

    Trump also very much understands we need cheap 100% USA energy, a ripping out of useless regs including Obummercare and an unlocking of US entrepeneurs.

    His biggest gift to the USA is calling Poltical Correctness and GoreBull Warming “BULLSHIT!” and the MSM “LIARS!”

    • Good comments Gail.

      The issue of abortion is not one we want to get into in a populist campaign other than to say that each state should be the one to decide as it is not a federal issue. At least should not be a federal issue.

      The main issue here is to get the largest amount of people to hate the central government and want to dismantle it or to secede from it. Trump is doing a good job mostly.

      Good to hear from you by the way.

  2. What is really interesting is the CENSORSHIP that is now going on in the USA.

    Within a couple of days of posting pro-Trump comments at American Thinker and Brietbart I found DISQUS had marked me as SPAM and I could no longer make comments with DISQUS. I then switch to making comments at Conservativetreehouse and a month later found my IP address was banned so now I can only comment here, at chiefIOs and at Tony Heller’s! Others at Conservativetreehouse have also found that all of a sudden they are being banned across the internet too. Milo had his twitter accound banned and then restored due to the outrage.

    Also Twitter and Google play games with ‘trending’ news and put non-PC information buried several pages deep. Reddit has also been caught playing games.

    What is interesting is my e-mail was also banned. I sent stuff to Hubby as a test and he never recieved it but it did not show as ‘bounced’ on my computer.

    Now Google over the last couple days has upped the attacks. While I recieve e-mails from Rinse Pubis, Newt Gingrich, Richard Burr and other politicians, over the last couple of days Donald Trump e-mail is dumped into the spam file.

    This coincidentally (NOT) coincides with the media hype that Trump can’t raise $$$ and Trump’s first appeal to supporters for $$$. Trump offered to match $1 for every $1 donated up to 2 million for ‘The next 48 hours’

    Thanks to Conservativetreehouse and others the Google sabotage did not work quite as planned.

    I just found this in my spam file (whch itself was hidden under the MORE tab)


    Yesterday my father sent his first ever fundraising email for the campaign and predicted it would shatter fundraising records.

    Once again, my father was right.

    Yesterday’s email was a massive success. My father offered to match up to $2 million personally, $1 for every $1 donated, and in less than 12 hours we surpassed that goal….

    That message as well as the other Trump e-mails were accompnied by:

    Why is this message in Spam? We’ve found that lots of messages from mail.donaldjtrump… are spam. and the learn more click goes to

    Gmail automatically helps identify spam and suspicious emails by detecting viruses, finding patterns across messages, and learning from what Gmail users like you commonly mark as spam or phishing.

    If you click your Spam label and open one of the messages, you’ll see a warning label at the top with a brief explanation about why that particular message was placed in Spam. If we think something is suspicious, we’ll mark the message with a warning label in your inbox for you.

    Use this information to protect yourself from potentially dangerous or fraudulent messages and to better understand why a message was or wasn’t marked as spam.

    And yes, I donated for the first time ever in a political campaign.

    I figure the entertainment value of Trump causing the Political Correct twits to throw temper tantrums and retreat to their safe spaces is well worth the money. I just wish I had more $$ to donate.

    • I have seen and read about this censorship across the internet. The big digital companies like Google have turned out to be poison. I have stopped using Google as a search engine and will stop using gmail — at least for political issues — as soon as I decide which email would be safe to use.

      And ideas?

      By the way, do you use Twitter? If so, what is your handle there?

      • Mark,
        I do not use Twitter or Facebook. I do not want my on-line comments directly connectable to me since we have a small business that could become a target.

        Hubby uses WIndstream.net for e-mail and a lot of people seem to be using reagan.com for ( $33 per year) I think I may go with that after my problems with Gmail and Yahoo.

        I have not been following Tony Heller or E.M. Smith or Jo Nova as much because I think getting Donald Trump elected is the most important thing we can do right now. Besides Trump thinks CAGW is ‘Bull Shit’ and Energy is very important. Donald Trump Energy Policy Speech at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, Montana

        Major plug:
        Toss Trump $10 or more before the end of the month @

        And flip the finger at the Criminals in D.C. I have never donated to a politician before in my life but we really need to send a strong message — better $$$ than the alternative.
        (It is the NUMBER of small donors and not the AMOUNT that is important at this time BTW.)

        You have to be very careful where you donate because RNC superPACs are now fund raising using Trump’s name but they take a large cut for the RINOs. There are some scams too.

        Also donate to Paul Nehlen to get rid of the outright tr@1tor Paul Ryan – Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

        ( $30 for Dump Ryan nerf truck and stickers)

        So far this has been the most entertaining political circus I have ever witnessed and it promises to get even more entertaining as it goes. The latest is the courts just smacked down the city of Cleveland’s plans to muzzle Trump supporters and place them in the same fenced in area as Black Lives Matters and the new Black Panthers and the rest of the Rent-A-Thugs.

        Rolling Thunder military vets and other bikers and truckers vs Black Lives Matters Rent-A-Thugs…. What to take bets on who makes it out of that pen feet first?

        (I am trying out my new e-mail and name)

        • Gail,

          I’ll be voting against Paul Ryan. I would support whoever was against him even if it was Satan himself. (well maybe not Satan but you see what I mean)

          I think defeating Clinton outweighs all other political concerns right now. She could get us all blown up in WW3. Evil woman.

          I could only suggest that you might use a fake name and a free e-mail to make political comments on your favorite sites. That might trough WordPress off. (or not, who knows?)

          Glad you told me about the problem. I never look in trash — I guess I should start.

          See ya, Mark

        • I don’t know why WordPress did that. I got it out of the trash. I do know that I have the filter set to send the first one from anybody to moderation to see if you are a bot or not.

          On a positive note, this is the first time in years a person’s good comment ended up in the trash.

          I think you really pissed off the WordPress gods. 🙂

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